Editor's Picks 21 April 2013

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21 Apr 2013 08:00

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Burning Muslim Brotherhood Flag In Ca...
Tallat Harb Square, Cairo, Egypt
By elmasdr
19 Apr 2013

Activists burned a Muslim Brotherhood flag in Tallat Harb square along with thousands of protesters in front of the High Court, against Mohammed Morsi and the Brotherhood.

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Venezuelans Protest Election Results ...
Caracas, Venezuela
By Sergio Alvarez
16 Apr 2013

Supporters of opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski hold up a picture of him in the street.

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Kurdish Women Fighters in Syria (4 of...
Ras Al Ain, Syria
By audeosnowycz
07 Dec 2012

Young Kurds in their twenties who have joined the YPG (Kurdish Armed Forces). They control one of the many checkpoints on the road between Qamishlo and Derik.

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Black Bloc March In Cairo (4 of 4)
Downtown Cairo, Egypt
By elmasdr
19 Apr 2013

Protesters organize a black bloc protest in downtown Cairo in protest of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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March in Argentina (6 of 12)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
By Diego Espinosa
18 Apr 2013

Protesters gathered to demand security and justice in Buenos Aires on Thursday against the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The protesters, estimated to have reached nearly a million, are against the president's proposed judicial reform and are calling for another election.

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Delhi's Urban Crisis -- Growing Waste...
Delhi, India
By bajpairavi
05 Jul 2012

Indian capital Delhi and its satellite towns have nearly 23 million residents, making it the world’s second most populous metropolitan region. Its population is growing at a phenomenal pace, demanding a commensurate increase in infrastructure support to keep the city livable. But the rate of development is lagging behind.

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Warsaw, Poland
By Agnieszka Adamek
09 Feb 2011

Konrad Modzelewski performs mainly in front of child audience. It is his only source of income.

Cost: Konrad Modzelewski
Written and directed by Agnieszka Adamek
Photos: Matthew Wołoczko, George Bończyk
Editing: Mark Marlikowski
Production: oognet.pl

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If You Eat Garlic, You Will Get Full
Heraat, Afghanistan
By sarakeawal
11 Jan 2012

This film features the miserable life of a group of children in the western city of the Heraat province of Afghanistan by showing their work on the streets of the city.

More importantly, it shows the ill behavior of the residents of the city toward these kids. The film shows how they are treated as outcasts in the society, with people not allowing them in the sports fields, shops, and so on.

The film is ten minutes long.