Editor's Picks 9 April 2013

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09 Apr 2013 08:00

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Children On Death Row In Yemen (8 of 8)
Sana'a, Yemen
By dustweare
06 Feb 2013

Abdul Aziz, 16, has been disowned by his family and after an incorrect age assessment test, is now at high risk of being executed.

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Women Wrestling (19 of 44)
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Mercedes La Extremista delivers a brutal clothesline to her male opponent during a training session in Zona Complejo, El Alto. It's a tough sport, despite the theatrics.

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Into The World Of Muslim Punks
Banda Aceh, Jakarta Indonesia
02 Oct 2012

Young Indonesians living a punk lifestyle are being persecuted by the "Sharia police" of the country. Many punks have recently been arrested in Banda Aceh, Indonesia's most devoutly Muslim province, purportedly to be re-educated. While human rights groups are concerned about the situation, the police say its only goal is to protect the punks from themselves and prevent them from bringing shame on their families.

« Punk is not dead », en tout cas pas en Indonésie. Pourtant la police de la charia est à leurs trousses. Il y a quelques mois les gardiens de la vertu ont organisé une grande rafle à Banda Aceh. Une soixantaine de punks a été arrêtés, tondus et placés en centre de correction. Un seul objectif : les rééduquer pour leur « faire oublier leurs comportements déviants. » Que sont devenus les punks après leur lavage de cerveaux? D'autres à Jakarta emploient la méthode plus douce : pour les remettre dans le droit chemin, d'anciens punks font réciter le Coran à ceux qui, sous le voile, portent la crête. Bienvenue chez les punks musulmans.

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Tunisian Military Helicopter Crash (4...
Tunis, Tunisia
By Wassim Ben Rhouma
06 Apr 2013

A military helicopter crashed in the capitol Tunis, near the military airport Aouina, caused by a technical problem. The staff onboard included five Tunisian officers and are all safe.

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Letters to my (Former) Enemy
By benoit.faiveley
11 Oct 2011

Letters to My (Former) Enemy is a documentary film directed by Benoit Faiveley and is currently in production. Contact [email protected] for more information

The characters in the Documentary:
Mary is the mom of a soldier who went to Iraq twice. He is now recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Mary is also the woman who inspired the idea for this documentary.

Chanan, Seth and Jeremiah are veterans. Chanan is now hanging out with anti-war people. He is studiying to be a nurse. Seth has a very American hobby: firearms. He also works at the Coffee Strong café, a place he opened near a military base. Jeremiah is a Republican who used to think “Bush was too much of a lefty.” He is studying to be an actor.

These Americans will interact with four Iraqis : Baqir, Ahmed, All’a and Mohy. Baqir is a doctor. He requested political asylum in Sweden when four of his brothers were arrested by the American troops. Ahmed fought in the Mahdi Army while his brother was an interpreter for the American forces. The two “brothers at war” now live in Stockholm. All’a is a Baathist and is nostalgic for the Saddam Hussein Era... even though he’s a Shiite. Mohy has always been against : against the Baath party, against Saddam, against the U.S. He is a former communist. In contrast, Haider keeps supporting the American intervention, even if Baghdad remains in a mess today...

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Delhi's Urban Crisis -- Growing Waste...
Delhi, India
By bajpairavi
05 Jul 2012

Indian capital Delhi and its satellite towns have nearly 23 million residents, making it the world’s second most populous metropolitan region. Its population is growing at a phenomenal pace, demanding a commensurate increase in infrastructure support to keep the city livable. But the rate of development is lagging behind.