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Health, Death and Poverty in Indigeno...
San Jorge La Laguna , Solola, Guatemala
By hiroko tanaka
27 Jul 2012

A family member mourns after the funeral of Rodrigo, who passed away after 7 years of suffering from diabetes and nutritional deficiencies. In his last months, the 49 year-old father of five, decided not to seek further treatment in order to save his family the financial burden.

In Guatemala, death too often represents a heavy financial burden. On top of their daily struggle to secure money for food and necessities, many families have to deal not only with grief but also with huge debts for the wake and funeral.

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'Battle of Qminas,' Idleb
Idleb, Syria
By Idleb Press
25 Mar 2013

A video capturing a moment in the 'Battle of Qminas' when an artillery 23 gunner targets a commercial cargo plane owned by the Syrian authority. The 'North Free Brigade' is led by the Lieutenant Bilal Khabir, he and his battalion are trying to force out regime presence from the city of Idlib. The Syrian national army's stronghold in Idlib rests in the military camp known as 'Karmeed' (translates as "bricks"). From here the regime launches daily mortar rounds and missiles into various parts of the city. It is vital for the 'North Free Brigades' to defeat the regime forces in the camp in order to take over the city and "liberate" it from Assad's men.

مقطع مدفع 23 و هو يطلق النار على طائرة شحن تابعة للنظام السوري وهذا المدفع تابع لكتائب أحرار الشمال بقيادة الملازم أول بلال خبير ومعركة حرائر قميناس هي اسم معركة تدور لتحرير معسكر القرميد، ومعسكر القرميد هو قطعة عسكرية وتعد من اقوى المناطق العسكرية في محافظة ادلب حيث يقوم معسكرالقرميد بالقصف المدفعي يومياً على جميع انحاء محافظة ادلب

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The Vengeful Ghosts Of A Gold Mine
Karnataka, India
By Javed Iqbal
07 Mar 2013

Chandibai, aged 70 shows lesions on her hands caused by arsenic in local drinking water.

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Positive is negative: HIV/AIDS in the...
Wamena, Indonesia
By Carolincik
01 Feb 2013

A member of YPKM, a local NGO, demonstrates the use of a condom during an HIV and STD awareness raising campaign at a local market. These kind of campaigns are still very rare.

Sexual health awareness is extremely low among the Papuan population as a whole.

Indonesian health officials often blame cultural sex practices such as 'wife swapping' for the rapid spread of HIV in Papua, but transmigration and large resource extraction projects have fed the sex industry, which has also been a major driver of the spread of the disease. The exclusion of large parts of the indigenous populations from development and access to the market economy has led increasing levels of Papuan women to engage in prostitution. Poverty is such that transactions often take place in unregulated open air or street dwelling sites with no safety precautions. One NGO worker said that some very young girls sell their bodies for less than 50 cent, for which you cannot even buy a packet of cigarettes or condoms. In semi official prostitution establishments, immigrant prostitutes (usually wearing condoms) charge 20 Euro upwards.

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Garbage City (10 of 29)
Cairo, Egypt
By Jonathan Alpeyrie
18 Mar 2013

March 23, 2013, Manshiyat Naser, Egypt. A Coptic man is carrying on his back a pack of cartons before loeading it on a truck.

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Holi: The Festival Of Color Observed ...
Karachi, Pakistan
By Syed Yasir Iqbal Kazmi
26 Mar 2013

Holi, the Hindu festival of color, is being celebrated across the country. The Hindu community celebrates Holi in their neighborhoods, smearing colored powders and throwing water balloons at one another on this colorful and joyful event.

Photo By Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Newroz in Kurdistan (20 of 33)
Batman, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
19 Mar 2013

Women pose for a portrait at a festival for Newroz, an ancient holiday celebrating the astronomical Northward equinox and the beginning of spring as well as the start of the new calander year in the Persian system. Newroz is celebrated by millions of Kurds and Iranians in the Middle East by, wearing colorful clothing and jumping over fires to welcome the spring holiday. Originally a Zoroastrian festival, Newroz is now embraced by the Kurds to celebrate cultural unity and political goals. The celebrations are occasionally marked by violence as the celebration only recently became legal in Turkey.

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Syrian Opposition Group Attacks a Car...
Idleb, Syria
By Idleb Press
25 Mar 2013

A Cargo plane transporting supplies for the Syrian regime was attacked by opposition anti aircraft weaponry which led to the crash of the plane. The weaponry is owned by the North Free Brigade a faction of the Free Syrian Army, the action took place in the battle of "Qminas Free" which was located near the Qarmeed camp in the countryside of Idleb.

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Underground Car Races in Adana Preview
Adana, Turkey
By Ibrahim Karci
15 Feb 2013

Adana! Mostly known as the city of Kebab.

People of Adana have reputation of their crazy and chilled lifestyle.

Spacious areas, good spicey food, cool booze and..


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-I can't attend every race because I can't afford it. I can't use LPG during the race and the oil quiet expensive. And each race there is some part broken that has to be fixed or changed. It costs a lot.

This is an opening of another new garage where the racers mostly meet to show off.
And since it is in the middle of the city resident of the neighbourhood is not so happy with the situation.

-It is vandalism. This is not a race track, this is neighbourhood. It is sunday and peple are resting. They don't have right to disturb people.

-Cop is Coming!

And soon after officers arrives upon the complaint of the neighbourhood, as always.

-Take these cars immediately! -Ok sir!

-They said if it occurs again they will punish us so bad.

-Should we go to the highway all together or to the hill ? -To the hill. The highway is also problematic now.

But nothing seems like to be avoid them from racing or gathering up, Because they always have an alternative secret place to gather up and start racing.

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Delhi's Urban Crisis -- Growing Waste...
Delhi, India
By bajpairavi
05 Jul 2012

Indian capital Delhi and its satellite towns have nearly 23 million residents, making it the world’s second most populous metropolitan region. Its population is growing at a phenomenal pace, demanding a commensurate increase in infrastructure support to keep the city livable. But the rate of development is lagging behind.

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Beitar Jerusalem - a Club at War with...
Jerusalem, Israel
By Mat Heywood
12 Feb 2013

January 30 2013 Beitar Jerusalem, a top football club in the Israeli Premier League announced their two new signings, Chechen Muslim’s Zaur Sadayev and Gabriel Kadiev. The signings come as a shock to the clubs fans renowned for their vehement anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stance.
The club fan base known as “La Familia” shout slogans such as “Death to Muhammed” and “death to all Arabs”. On the 19th March 2012 a youtube video surfaced showing Beitar fans attacking two veiled Muslim women and their male companion, Arab janitors held back the fans and a fight ensued at the shopping mall until the police arrived. The fans actions reached such a critical point that even Likud MP, Reuben Rivlin, reprimanded the fans for their blatant racism.