Editor's Picks 25 March 2013

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25 Mar 2013 09:00

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Newroz in Kurdistan (10 of 33)
Batman, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
19 Mar 2013

A concert of traditional Kurdish music is held at a festival for Newroz, an ancient holiday celebrating the astronomical Northward equinox and the beginning of spring as well as the start of the new calander year in the Persian system. Newroz is celebrated by millions of Kurds and Iranians in the Middle East by, wearing colorful clothing and jumping over fires to welcome the spring holiday. Originally a Zoroastrian festival, Newroz is now embraced by the Kurds to celebrate cultural unity and political goals. The celebrations are occasionally marked by violence as the celebration only recently became legal in Turkey.

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Port Gabtoli (3 of 7)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Khandaker Azizur Rahman
06 Apr 2012

Gabtoli is a small domestic port in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here, raw construction materials for both industrial and residential developments comes from different parts of Bangladesh. Among the raw materials are coal, stones, bricks, sand and metal. Approximately 20,000 workers labor in the port day and night, mostly originating from rural areas of Bangladesh leaving their families behind. They earn less then $4 a day to maintain their family and are literally deprived of health, education and other basic facilities.

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2012 TriBeCa Film Festival - Premiere...
The Metropolitan Opera, New York, USA
By Genesis Broadcasting Network (TTM-TV1)
26 Apr 2012

2012 TriBeCa Film Festival Premiere of Documentary Film 'Wagner's Dream': Red Carpet Interviews of Metropolitan Operatic Stars, Dramatic Soprano Deborah Voight (Brunnhilde) and Helden Tenor Jay Hunter Morris (Siegfried)

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Searching Through Debris
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Khandaker Azizur Rahman
17 May 2012

On May 16, 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a slum caught fire and destroyed 200 homes mainly belonging to poor people.

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Refugee Child
Dalhamiye, Lebanon
By Docphot
13 Feb 2013

A young male refugee in a camp in the Bekaa Valley, along the Syrian border.

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Nation Celebrates Pakistan Republic D...
Karachi, Pakistan
By Syed Yasir Iqbal Kazmi
23 Mar 2013

The guard changing ceremony was performed at the mausoleum and the officials laid wreaths on Jinnah’s grave. Representatives of all three armed forces and a large number of citizens were also present at the mausoleum, March 23, 2013
Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan