Editor's Picks 14 March 2013

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14 Mar 2013 01:00

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Registered Dangerous Trailer
By khalil_raof
20 Apr 2011

A trailer for Registered Dangerous, a one hour documentary about the criminal underclass in Egypt.

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Children On Death Row In Yemen (1 of 8)
Sana'a, Yemen
By dustweare
06 Feb 2013

A multi-media essay (with photos, video and text) about child prisoners that are awaiting execution in Yemen. Only five countries - Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen - continue the execution of minors in violation of international law, which “prohibits, without exception, the execution of individuals for crimes committed before they turn eighteen.” The United States was included on that list until 2005 when the Supreme Court finally outlawed the death penalty for minors under eighteen. There are currently 77 juvenile inmates in Sanaa's Central Prison. 35 of them are at high risk of being executed.

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Migrants (8 of 43)
calais, France
By Carsten Snejbjerg
05 Apr 2010

Migrants trying to get cover for the rain.
The days goes in circles. Time is spendt on waiting for the next free meal and the next oportunity for getting to England. Most of the time the migrants are staying close to the food distribution. Doing nothing.

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El Rancho (20 of 21)
Ghadras, Lebanon
By Monique Jaques
26 Aug 2012

Johnny Hotshot, and American cowboy and entertainer at El Rancho encircles a boy during a rope trick.

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Stuggle for healing
Amman, Jordan
By Osie Greenway
17 Jul 2012

Zain Adeen 14, struggles to gain strength for rehabilitation after a vehicle exploded in Feburary, 2012 while he was walking to work at a neighborhood restaurant in Baghdad, Iraq  where he sells hummus, the explosion resulted in losing his right foot and maiming his left leg. When asked how he feels about his situation Adeen said," This is normal in Baghdad what can I do?" Amman, Jordan 2012.

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Children Of Agent Orange (9 of 32)
Ho Chi Minh City, VIetnam
By hiroko tanaka
18 Jan 2011

A boy born with deformities in the limbs walks back to his room after helping staff clean up after lunch.

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Istanbul Fashion Week 2013 (17 of 53)
Istanbul, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
13 Mar 2013

Attendees before the the Tuvanam show at Istanbul Fashion Week in Istanbul, Turkey.