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27 Nov 2012 09:00

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi's decision last week to stifle the Judiciary committee's ability to review presidential decisions caused mass protests in the streets of Cairo, and elsewhere.
Many Egyptians have become increasingly aggravated by Morsi, and the Muslim Brotherhood's moves to exert ever greater control of the direction of the government, seeing it as an affront to democracy and the efforts of a people who strove mightily late last year to overthrow former dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi however, maintains that the decision was for the good of the Egyptian government and will not be permanent. Still, the decree feels to many like a power grab that could shift Egypt into a new and dangerous direction.

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Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood gather...
Cairo, Egypt
By Ahmed Medhat
23 Nov 2012

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood gathered in front of the High Court in support of the constitutional declaration of President Mohamed Moursy and which included the decision to sack the Attorney General and the retrial of the symbols of the former regime and fortify the founding committee and the Shura Council

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Clashes continued between protestors ...
Cairo, Egypt
By Ahmed Medhat
22 Nov 2012

Clashes continued between protestors and security men for a third day in a row near Tahrir Square and Interior Ministry headquarters and now at al kasr el einy street to commemorate the victims of last year
Stone throwing was reported between security and protestors which resulted in many of the injured reached more than to 104 according to the statements of the Ministry of Health

police cut electricity in the area, while protestors continued in the dark and went on shouting the famous slogan of the anti-Mubarak uprising, but this time changing the name from Mubarak to Morsi, repeating “The people want the fall of regime!” and “Leave, Leave, Morsi!”