Editor's Picks 22 August 2013

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22 Aug 2013 05:00

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Arabian Jurassic Park (20 of 24)
Socotra, Yemen
By dustweare
05 Nov 2012

Underwater view in the Dihamri protected area, located on the northeast coast of the island. Some species of rare fish, like the Acropora palifera and Rhincodon, are only found on Socotra.

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The Landless People of Noakhali (11 o...
Noakhali, Bangladesh
By Jeff Mcallister
06 Jun 2013

Solidarity between the landless has had a benefit on a variety of social issues within the area. In the village of Nabogram, the dowry system has been abolished all together.

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Maximum Security Prisoners of Prayer ...
naivasha, kenya
By Ulrik Pedersen
24 Nov 2012

A group of prisoners participating in prayer during a church ceremony at Naivasha Maxium Security Prison. Naivasha, Kenya, November 2012.

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Raqqa, Syria (19 of 20)
Raqqa, Syria
By Alice Martins
24 Apr 2013

At a barber shop in Ar Raqqa, where some young men have chosen to change their beard style inspired by islamist rebel fighters. April 2013, Syria.

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After the Spring in Yemen (4 of 28)
Sanaa, Yemen
By dustweare
01 Aug 2013

Check point at the entrance of the Shia Houthi celebration of the Prophet Mohammed's anniversary in the outskirts of Sana'a, where every individual has to step on the United States and Israel flags in order to get inside the venue. Tens of thousands gathered at the event. The Houthi slogan written on their headbands reads: "Death to America, death to Israel, damn the Jews and victory to Islam".

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Elevated Subway Stations in New York ...
New York, USA
By Ulrik Pedersen
15 Apr 2013

Well dressed woman on an elevated subway-station. 18 Avenue station, Brooklyn, New York. This is a different look at the busy elevated subway stations of New York City, offering unique views of the shore and the skyline and the roads and houses beneath them.

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Africa's disappearing forests
Lambarene, Gabon
By serengeti1 serengeti1
16 May 2013

Africa’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Loggers and farmers have cleared most of Africa’s frontiers forests. West Africa only has 10% of its original forests left. Despite having 530 million hectares of forest, Africa is one of the world’s continents with the lowest cover rate. Africa cannot afford to lose its forest cover, yet only a few large blocks of intact natural forest still remain.