Syrian Refugees & The Free Syrian Army

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08 Aug 2012 23:00

March 2012
Members of the Free Syrian Army retreat to the mountains in North Western Syria toward the Turkish border after being defeated in a confrontation with Bashar Al Assad's forces. Many of the FSA find refuge in remote villages near the Turkish border which, while difficult to access by a conventional army, are effectively surrounded by Assad's forces.

Syrian Refugees
March 2012
Many Syrian families, including children, flee for the Turkish border with the help of local fighters. Although the rebels still have a hold on the mountainous areas around some villages such as Al Shatouria, Assad's troops surround them, trying to cut off the rebellion. Many civilians who cannot return to their villages go to Turkey where they try to find shelter in camps organized by authorities.

Syria War
January 2012
Syrian families from the area of Homs have escaped to Lebanon where many live in old schools. The Syrian army has placed mines in the area and positioned snipers who fire on villagers from high positions, killing many civilians since the start of the rebellion in March 2011. Often the Free Syrian Army will facilitate passage for Syrians to escape to Lebanon or Turkey.

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