Winter is looming: al-Saghir Family Strugle Inside Syria

Collection with 22 media items created by Mahmoud Alhaji Othman

Aleppo, Syria 14 Nov 2015 00:00

November 17, 2015 Aleppo, Syria These photos were shot in Jabal Badro, a rebel controlled district of Aleppo. The photos show the daily struggle of the al-Saghir family as they try to insure basic needs, food and heat, in order to survive in the upcoming winter. Winter is very cold in Jabal Badro, one of Aleppo’s poorest districts. Jannud al-Saghir, also called Abu Mohamed, is the father of 6 children and husband to Amina. Jannud and some of his children have to make a daily trip around the area searching for items that can be burned as fuel for cooking and heating. Jannud’s mother also lives with the family. With so many family members to take care of, Jannud’s wife says they barely have enough money for food and cannot afford to buy firewood or heavy winter clothing or even make prepares to their house which was damaged in the bombing of their neighborhood in Aleppo. Amina's biggest fear is the upcoming winter. She said that her family struggled to survive last winter since because much of their clothing, blankets, mattresses and other belongings were destroyed in bombing. The family fled this home a few months ago but could not find suitable shelter and had to return to the house. Jannud is unemployed and is only able to earn some money from a few short construction jobs.