Pro-Russian Demonstrators Seize Government Buildings in Donetsk

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Ukraine 06 Apr 2014 22:00

Pro-Russian demonstrators have stormed a government building in Donetsk, calling for referendum on joining Russia. People gathered in-front of the state administration building in Donetsk which was surrounded by riot police. Protesters stormed the building after clashing with riot police and breaking through their lines. Protesters destroyed some of the building's offices and hung Russian flags. A few hours after, protesters wearing military clothes, balaclavas, and artisanal weaponry such as baseball bats. More demonstrators arrived at night as reinforcement to erect barricades inside and outside the building, in case of police intervention.

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Pro Russian seized the Regional Build...
By RomainCa
06 Apr 2014

During the night, after storming the building, pro Russian protestors in balaclavas came to reinforce the occupied building and began preparing barricades and weapons to counter any attacks that may come from police. Donetsk, Ukraine, 06/04/2014