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18 Dec 2013 09:00

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Cabinet Office clashes Cairo 79
Al-Qasr Al-Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt.
By Jeffrey Bright
19 Dec 2011

After three days of clashes the military erected a concrete wall next to the Scientific Institute near cabinet offices blocking off the street. The historic institute, which housed a large selection of rare and ancient books and documents, was set on fire during clashes between protesters and security forces. Al-Qasr Al-Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt. 19/12/2011

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Khufu Solar Boat Excavation (26 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Leyland Cecco
25 Jun 2013

A Japanese archaeologist rushes back to the excavation site to as members from the Egyptian and Japanese delegation arrive at the site. Behind him lies the pyramid of Khufu, the pharaoh whose boat the team has been excavating.

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Khufu Solar Boat Excavation (22 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Leyland Cecco
26 Jun 2013

The solar boat museum and excavation site stands dwarfed next to the Great Pyramids. Inside, tourists are able to see the first solar boat extracted from beneath the pyramids. Archaeologists hope that in a few years, tourists will be able to the second, fully assembled boat.

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Argentina retirees made ​​the march 1...
Buenos Aires, Argentina
By Diego Espinosa
08 May 2013

retired in progress against National Congress was held the claim of a wage increase of 82% mobile

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Ksar in Southern Tunisia
Tataouine, Tunisia
By Sarah Mersch
23 Nov 2012

Ruins of a Ksar (traditional housing) in Southern Tunisia near Tataouine

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Pottery Workshop In Gaza City (4 of 12)
Gaza City
By AhmedDeeb
06 Jun 2013

A boy loads pottery into an underground kiln in a pottery workshop which has been a source of income and pride for the Attallah family for generations. Gaza Strip, June, 2013.

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Khufu Solar Boat Excavation (13 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Leyland Cecco
25 Jun 2013

A member of the Egyptian archeological team examines a beam of wood from the 4,500 year old solar boat. Discovered in 1992, excavators have been working hard to begin the removal of pieces of the boat for transport.

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Arabian Jurassic Park (15 of 24)
Socotra, Yemen
By dustweare
07 Nov 2012

Nestled high on a plateau between the Haghier mountain range and the Arabian Sea, five Socotrans gather in a stone hut devoid of electricity, running water and all but the most essential supplies. After a fire-cooked dinner of goat, rice, and tea, the men of the Dixam plateau settle in for a standard night of song, poetry and discussion about their island’s future.

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Modern Living in Ancient Buildings
Uçkuyu, Turkey
By Amy Hume
09 Apr 2013

Some families have made a home at the ancient site of 1001 Churches, where archaeologists found 1000 churches, but failed to find the 1001st.

The Yörük, nomads of Anatolia and the Balkans, rely on animals as their livelihood. Due to the introduction of modern technology, education and government subsidies, some of the shepherds have become sedentary. For those that still migrate in the traditional way, they live in the lowlands during the winter and the mountains in the summer. For the modern families, they live in the villages or cities in the winter and have summer homes on the seaside. For the younger generations, there is struggle between keeping with tradition and evolving into modern life, which is threatening the culture of these historical nomads.

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Life In The Graves - La Vie Dans Les ...
Shanshrah, Idlib province, Syria
By Marie
13 Apr 2013

Children who live in the Shansharah archeological site in the north-east have fun in the ruins. They lauch stones into the tall herbs where the insects live that transmit leshmania are. This skin disease devastates this rural region.

Les enfants qui vivent dans le site archéologique de Shansharah au nord-ouest du pays s’amusent dans les ruines. Ils en profitent pour lancer des cailloux dans les herbes hautes où se trouvent les insectes qui transmettent la leishmaniose, maladie de peau qui fait des ravages dans cette région rurale.