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21 Nov 2013 16:00

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Damascus, Syria
By Transterra Editor
04 Jul 2012

„A little bit of Damascus“ is a film, which shows another face of Damascus, than it use to be presented nowadays. It was filmed in summer 2012 in the streets of Old Damascus. It shows its people, streets and monuments like Umayyad mosque or Khan As´ad Pasha. The main part of the video belongs to Ayman al-Ouf, who has a shop with wooden mosaic boxes. During the film he speaks two funny stories about Damascus. The first story is about two men who used to smoke hashish and earned a lot of money only because they created imaginery person of sheikh al-Zengi, who was originally insect. The second one is about Abu Ezzat al-Bagajati and his servant, who were known for their sense of humour. There is also third story which is about Old Damascus and prophets who are buried there or visited the city. The video has unusual edition because on the screen can be one till four shots in the same time. First four minutes are black-and-white, then it is coloured.