Single Mothers in Morocco - With you Alone

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13 Jul 2013 15:00

In Morocco single mothers are still rejected from society for having a child out of wedlock. According to INSAF, 153 children are born outside of wedlock every day with an estimate of 24 being abandoned. Following the Arab Spring in 2011, a new Moroccan constitution was created. This constitution included long-awaited amendments on women’s rights.

In practice, this hasn’t changed much. Unexpected pregnancies are mostly happening in rural areas or poor town districts. In April 2013, I witnessed Loubna and Samira’s own experiences. Loubna who’s 32 years old, from the countryside near Marrakesh lost vision in one eye when she was a toddler. This incident left her with little hope to marry. She became pregnant after meeting someone who eventually left her. She is currently raising her son alone. Samira (31) was brought up in a Marrakesh slum. She lost her father at the age of 13, and her sister is currently in prison. The father of her son left them both when she gave birth to their son. She is currently struggling to make ends meet and constantly lives in a state of stress.

Produced within the framework of Reporting Change- Worldpress Photo 2013
*INSAF- Institution Nationale de Solidarité avec les Femmes en Détresse * Names have been changed to preserve identity.

Photos and Text by Joelle Gueguen

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