Socioeconomic Disparity in New York City

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09 Oct 2013 09:00

New York City is a place where economic and social differences can be seen clearly by just roaming the streets. While walking through Times Square, Harlem, 5th avenue, or any part of the city, it is easy to spot homeless people sleeping on street heaters on the floor, collecting plastic cans and bottles to resell, people begging, and the elderly doing physical jobs in order to pay their bills. The city is home for an estimated 8.3 million people from many different social and economic backgrounds. Manhattan retains the dubious distinction of having the biggest income gap of any big county in a country with the
lowest income of the lowest five percent of $9,635 compared to $398,007 for the top five percent.

In New York, immigrants of Pakistan or African-descent sell tour bus tickets to tourists, or hold store signs, while crossing paths with Wall Street bankers who make up the wealthiest portion of taxpayers in New York City. These common and underpaid jobs are a last resort for many to in order to pay their bills. Instability is rife in a city where the price of living only continues to climb.

Photos and text by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

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