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23 Oct 2013 15:00

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Aqueous rocket from making the Free S...
By Mahmoud Al Jabali
14 Sep 2013

FSA invent a rocket aqueous
Missile was manufactured in Aleppo
Free Army say they want to use it in Lattakia

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Deir Ezzor 2: Following Opposition Gr...
Deir Ezzor, Syria
By Nils Metzger
06 Mar 2013

00:00 - 01:28: Wide shots of destroyed city streets and blocks

04:02: An explosion with the sound of an airplane flying overhead as interviewee speaks.

06:57: Fighter fires machine gun from building

01:29 - 02:31
Interview with a fighter from the Al-Abbas Katiba

Fighter: So, first of all, they call me Abu Halab, I am a fighter from the al-Abbas Katiba and I am in charge of this zone of the Hatel quarter, against the regime's army.

F: Of course, we were forced to pick up arms. We are civilians, normal people, no one if front us or behind us. We had to start carrying weapons because of this situation, this ferocious campaign. We are facing an organised army, with tanks, rockets fire, an air force, artillery, all sorts of weapons. We had to pick up arms to counter this attack and the army. This is how it is, and this is the situation we are living in.

F: We are currently staying in this place. We eat and drink and sleep here. In terms of battles, we're constantly watching the army. They've got positions close by. In case we see any movement, so if a tanks moves, or soldiers, we engage them.

02:32 - 04:41
Translator: So you're guarding the place in shifts?

F:Yes, there is always someone on guard. 24 hours a day. But this is urban warfare. Sometimes we have to enter houses and it turns to a house-by-house battle.

F: Concerning the liberation of Syria, there are a few obstacles. The biggest problem is ammunition, we do not have enough. All the ammunition I have I carry. I cannot give it to all the others This is the sound of plane flying above us.

T: A helicopter

F: Yes. Speaking of the helicopters, we do not have anything like that and have nothing to fight them with. We need some rockets to shoot down the planes. To stop the air strikes and to frighten the army we are fighting. Our enemies need to know that we are weakert. We have automatic rifles, RPGs, so we can sort of deal with tanks, but for the air force we need missiles.

F: First I will talk about the situation in general and them speak about Deir El-Zor specifically.
The media in Syria always focusses on one certain place, for example Halab, Sham or Homs. But Deir Ezzor is completely marginalised. Sometimes, and very unregularily it comes up in the news and not always correct and complete. In Deir Ezzor, the media cover maybe 10 to 15 percent of what happens in this zone, but they do not transmit a clear or true picture. I only ask one thing from the media, that they come here and transmit the truth, the images of this situation in its correct form. We do not want the picture to be distorted. We want the truthful image, that of destrcution...

04:42 - 05:28
T: The image of this truth, destruction, injustice

F: Well, you can see with your own eyes where we are now: the destruction, there is nothing left. We are grateful for you. This is the first time that I see journalists coming here to film anything.

F: With regards to living in the country and us as fighters, the country needs security forces to maintain order, the army needs to order it. We want to move on from this phase to the phase of adjusting the country. The country needs jobs, like carpenter or painters and so on, all of them need to participate in this question, and in reforming security. Everyone who has an interest and can help. And God willing we will be able to live in this country, step by step.

05:29 - 09:21: B-roll: Members of "al-Abbas"-Katiba try to conquer a building controlled by the Syrian Army: City Destruction, Action shots, battle scenes, gunfire

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Deir Ezzor, Syria (1 of 10)
Deir Ezzor, Syria
By Antonio-Pampliega
11 Mar 2013

Rebels for the katiba Shuhaa Al Arfie in the Al Mouada Fin (District)

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Syrian Refugees in Iraq (32 of 37)
Domeez, Iraq
By Bartek Langer
27 Jun 2013

An aid organization is sharing out furniture and mattresses to the refugees. Three Kurdish boys have joined the sharing.

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Aleppo (4 of 15)
Aleppo, Syria
By LeeHarper
19 Mar 2013

A Free Syrian Fighter from the Al Tawheed Katiba checks for snipers across the street in the Old City of Aleppo. The fighting in Aleppo for both side has become more of a stalemate situation.

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Diary of a Soldier In Assad's Army (4...
Aleppo, Syria
By ameryaseen
02 Dec 2012

December 2, 2012
This morning in Aleppo, a leader of the Syrian regime's forces was killed by FSA fighters. The FSA fighters found the soldier's diaries in their office and took photos of some pages.

At 6:15 shooting started heavily toward our location from the cement factory.
We all mobilized and the food car was giving us food, and then it went to the free area and it had to pass by the Juvenile prison which is next to the cement factory.
We stayed mobilized until the sniping stopped and the food car left the place and the danger was gone, thank God. It seems like we are going to live.
Wednesday 5/9
That difficult night is gone in a good way and things became calm after approximately an hour, we stayed awake all night especially after the fall of mortars near the school.
When the sun started to rise, the sniper started to shoot, which is annoying because it limits our movements. He was sniping from the cement factory toward us.
Thank God that he doesn't have a night telescope so he can't target us at night.
Here I am at 6:30 after I called my sister Laila on the phone and told her that am not in the infantry school, and she's the only one who knows that.

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Women Fighters in Aleppo (4 of 13)
Aleppo, Syria
By horizon news agency
01 Jul 2013

Members of the "Um Al-Mouminin Aisha" fighting group stand alongside their fellow fighter as she is trained on how to handle a rifle in a combat situation in Aleppo, Syria 2013.

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Médecins Sans Frontières
Amman, Jordan
By Osie Greenway
01 Oct 2013

Physical therapist work on Ahmed Kalif,  27 from Homs Syria who was with his family hiding in there home when the Syrian Army began airstikes and firing tanks into his neighborhood, his home crumbled around him and his wife and daughter leaving them exposed  he began moving his family across the street to another home when another burst of shells hit the street and shrapnel tore off his left leg. He was rounded up with other wounded civilians and smuggled into Jordan by the Free Syrian Army where he is still undergoing rehabilitation. He claims that if the Free Syrian Army was not there to defend us all of Homs would have been killed. Amman, Jordan.

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Aleppo Cries (Part 12 of 17)
Aleppo, Syria
By Maamoun
03 Oct 2012

There is nothing more painful than losing a child.

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Destroyed Syrian Government Tank
Azaz, Syria
By pathilsman
30 Nov 2012

A government tank lies destroyed in Azaz Syria.

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Old City - Aleppo
Aleppo, Syria
By LeeHarper
20 Apr 2013

A Free Syrian Fighter rests after firing at Assad controlled postions towards the Citadel in the Old City of Aleppo in Syria.

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Aleppo Cries (Part 15 of 17)
Aleppo, Syria
By Maamoun
09 Oct 2012

Some wounds are internal. Al Sha'ar neighborhood, Aleppo.

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Aftermath of Heavy Clashes
Azaz, Syria
By pathilsman
30 Oct 2012

A Syrian Government tank lies in ruins at Azaz.