Teenager from Revolution

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07 Oct 2013 09:00


My name is Ziad Saieed, and I’m 15 years old. I’m in the last year in elementary school. I
live in the 5th of May. I like music and photography, and I play Guitar, I was supporting
Hamdeen Sabahy. I used to talk to the people about the candidates but I did not
necessarily convince them, just make them understand the disadvantages of a
candidate so that they know who they want to vote for. Some people don’t have
awareness as they were choosing between Shafiq and Sabahy. And there is no point of
comparison between them. I believe that most people who voted for Shafiq didn’t hear
him talk. They just heard him saying that he will restore law and order within 24 hours.

I wasn’t really convinced with Hamdeen Sabahy, but I used to tell myself that he was
the best of the worst. I was supporting Baradei at first but after his withdrawal, and as
I wasn’t for boycotting the elections, so I supported Hamdeen. I think that Shafiq will
reproduce the old regime and will form a new National Democratic Party with new
members, and Morsy belongs to the group of Muslim Brotherhood, he claims that he
will leave his position in the group if he wins the elections, but I think that it’s not true
and that he will still be taking his order from The Guidance Bureau. After the issuing of
constitutional declaration by SCAF, they strip the president of any authority over the
country. So whether the next president is Morsy or Shafiq, both will be powerless.

I decided to boycott the elections in the second round as I know that Shafiq would
forge the elections, and I thought that Shafiq will win the elections by forging but when
I heard that it was Morsy who won, I was surprised and I thought maybe there is a
plot going on between the Muslim brotherhood and SCAF, in which SCAF dissolves the
parliament and give them the presidency in return, or maybe they were just avoiding a
second revolution by the people if Shafiq won the elections. So maybe they thought of
dissolving the parliament in order to place all the legislative and the executive powers in
their hands and write the constitution, and allow Morsy to win the elections to win the
people. In that case Morsy would have no power over them as all the power is in their

I really liked Baradei’s program but I didn’t like his plan for Education very much as he
wanted to charge studying at the universities. That won’t be good as most of the people
are poor in Egypt. I don’t like that he is not very brave and that he doesn’t go out to
Tahrir Square much with us like Hamdeen Sabahy and Khalid Ali.

I used to go out in protests when I heard that people were getting arrested or beaten.
I participated in “No to Military Trail” campaign and in “Kazeboon’s”-Lairs- marches. I
don’t like when people yell and I don’t like to get into a conflict with them. I think those
people don’t want to know the truth. I chose to participate in “No to Military Trail”
and “Kazeboon’s”-Lairs-Campaigns as there were fighting for two important issues,
there were 12,000 civilians in military prisons and many of them are people who have nothing to do with the revolution, they once arrested a guy who was going back home
from his work during the curfew, when he was insulted by an officer and just because he
asked him not to insult him, they arrested him. Even if they were thugs, they shouldn’t
be facing military trails, as they’re civilians. There are some guys at the age of 14 and
they were convicted by unfair military trails and sentenced many years of prison. Most
people who were sentenced in military trails are the revolutionaries.

I see the future of this country will be like Syria’s if Shafiq won the elections because
revolution will continue and there will be massacres. Shafiq already threatens and said
that Abbassiyya was just a trial. So he will make a war. The thing is we are a stubborn
people, so we will never stop even if they kill us. If Morsy came as a president with the
legislative and the executive power, he would’ve trailed the military, but now they have
all the power and they’re safe and they made Morsy win the elections to absorb some
of people's anger.

I don’t think it has anything to go with your age, it’s about the dream we want to realize
for our country. Most guys in my age think of hanging out, play station and the internet
and there are some who do all that but still go out to the Square and protest and they
have something to do with the Revolution and they’re fighting for their rights, and
there are some who will soon participate. I believe we grow up as we witnessed the
Revolution. We will never forget that there was a Revolution which toppled the old
regime, or the head of the regime, and still the Revolution continues. So we will always
be thinking of getting our rights as we did it once and we can do it again. We are not
supposed to be demanding these rights. This is something that should be ours, a right in
education, medical care and housing. Only people, who have money, get medical care
in the hospitals, those who don’t have money die. The country should provide medical
care for people with no money, not for rich people, like ministers and actors, with all my
respect but those people are rich, the country spend a lot of money to cure people like
Suzan Mubarak.

Many people at the age of 17 are thinking of moving out from Egypt and travelling
abroad, and the main cause of that is the former regime, they can see the situation of
others who graduated and can’t find a job or work in a different field like a guy who
study to be an engineer and find himself a taxi driver, I have no problem that he is a
taxi driver but I think everyone should work in their fields. I want to travel to see other
countries but I don’t want to immigrate. I really want to go to Sweden for a visit, for 2
weeks or something. Well, if I was thinking of immigrating, why am I fighting here then
right now? We can’t demand change and then leave the country. It’s not reasonable!

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