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03 Oct 2013 16:00

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Kalimandir - Hinduism and "Babas" of ...
By Francesco Pistilli
11 Sep 2013

What is smoked in the conical clay pipes is a varied mixture of ganja (marijuana flower and leaf), charas (a form of hashish handmade in India from the cannabis plant, which grows wild in the Himalayas) and tobacco. Smoking chillum is common among the sadhus.

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LP Street Gangs in Citee du Soleil, H...
Cite Soleil, Haiti
By Jonathan Alpeyrie
06 Feb 2013

The Haitian LP Street gang is one of many gangs controlling the various slumps found through out the capital Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Some gangs are more violent then others. The most hardcore ones control their turf using intimidation and violence with guns smuggled to Haiti via the US or South America. Murders are a common site in the Haitian capital where most of the 2.5 million souls live in poverty. Certain parts of Port-au-Prince, like Citee du Soleil are as dangerous as the famous favelas of Rio.
Basha, the leader of the LP Street gang is not just a gang leader, but also a community organizer. As the Haitian government has mostly failed its people after the earthquake of 2010, Basha and his 16 strong groups of soldiers have taken upon themselves to help the people living within his zone of influence. His second hand man, Sam, helps him with all tasks that might be needed to assure the gang’s survival. From acquiring weapons to drugs, or taking cuts on the profit from the local whorehouse, the LP street gang, in that sense resembles many of the other gangs involved in crime in Port-au-Prince. However Basha and his main soldier, Sam, who grew up in Florida, have decided to also help locals but forcing politicians to listen to them.
Basha will spend time organizing meetings with ministers to open their eyes on the current situation people are living in. To this date, tenth of thousands of Haitians still living in tent cities spread out around the capital, adding to the already deep fracture of Haitian society. LP gang members go around the various camps in their zone of influence breaking up fights, easing tensions, or trying to have bathrooms and electricity built in the camps. With some success, the LP street gang has managed to assert its authority on the people.
Other gangs in the capital also control various parts of the capital, with Citee du Soleil, being the most dangerous of all the slums in Port-au-Prince. Citee du Soleil, known for its violence, and gun battles, is also a meeting ground for gangs if discussions are needed. In 2010, right after the earthquake UN troops battled their way inside the area to flush out gang soldiers, killing dozens in the process. Today, the gangs have taken control of the Citee du Soleil slums once more. The LP street gang have, overtime, establish strong connections with the though gangs controlling the area. Deals are made, information is passed long, making sure, and everyone gets a cut of the action.
The LP street gang lead by Basha and his man Sam, are hopeful that Haiti’s future will be bright, but as tensions are rising once more within the small nation, the gangs are ready at all times to make their mark with the use of weapons and extortions. The LPs are no exceptions.

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Holy Wigs 20
jerusalem, Israel
By giulianocamarda
12 Jan 2010

Tal Kallai, behind the stage of the Mikveh bar in Jerusalem, the only gay bar of the Holy City. Every Monday night, Tal performs as a drag queen named "Talula Bonet" in a unique show that collects all kind of audiences. Tal was born in a kibbutz near Beer Sheva and moved to Tel Aviv to follow his dream of becoming a star. He works also as an actor for theatre shows and television.

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Cabinet Office clashes Cairo 1
Al-Qasr Al-Aini Street, Cairo
By Jeffrey Bright
16 Dec 2011

Protesters start a fire during clashes with army soldiers at the cabinet near Tahrir Square in Cairo December 16, 2011. Stone-throwing demonstrators clashed with troops in central Cairo on Friday, witnesses said, in the worst violence since the start of Egypt's first free election in six decades. Al-Qasr Al-Aini Street, Cairo, Egypt. 16/12/2011

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Street Fighters of Tripoli 17
Tripoli Lebanon
By Osie Greenway
16 Aug 2013

Private arsenals filled with new and old weaponry in Tripoli are scattered throughout the city inside shops and homes, both Sunni and Alawite militias are constantly preparing for major clashes in Lebanon due to the direct effect of the Syrian conflict that has spilled into the streets of the country since it began over two years ago.

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Médecins Sans Frontières
Amman, Jordan
By Osie Greenway
01 Oct 2013

MSF volunteer surgeon cleans up after surgery and heads to the break room for a rest before returning to the OR.

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Kill Me Quick (10 of 11)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Celeste Hibbert
23 Feb 2013

Shahrukh Hussain started drinking Changaa when he was stabbed in the eye. He was assaulted by young boys "high" on the drink when they stole 3,000 ksh (34 usd) from him. The other eye became septic and he lost all vision. "I had no eyes, no job, no shelter - what else was I to do, but drink?" he said.

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Radio Beirut Hip-Hop Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon
By Matias Nordal Carlsen
02 Oct 2013

Radio Beirut is a platform for an open mike session with a Hip Hop party that is a fusion between Oriental music and Arabic Hip Hop,presented by a group from Syria and Beirut who are rapping about their daily problems.

by: Matias Nordal Carlsen

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Multimedia / Fear and Ammo inTexas
Dallas, Texas
By Spike Johnson
01 Sep 2010

An audio and visual slideshow

The Texas Survivalists is a militia group operating in the suburbs of Dallas, a mile from a middle school softball stadium. For them, bad times are coming: economic collapse, overnight inflation, nuclear war, epidemic, invasion and fuel shortages. The Survivalists – maybe a dozen in all, men and women in their early 20s to late 50s such as Trust Harold Rosenbaum, a Vietnam veteran, Ralph Severe, an armed security guard and Patricia, who is recovering from breast cancer – are steps ahead of most. They are combat training, storing food, stockpiling ammo, planning escape routes, packing survival kits, making soap and, most of all, assuring themselves that they don’t need another human alive to survive.

Their preparations can seem extreme to an outsider. They always pack a pistol and a supply of hollow-point rounds to cause maximum injury. They hide homemade knives around their living rooms. (Under the bookshelf is a favorite spot.) They place bug-out bags the size of coffee tables in the hallway, in preparation to run. Their survival kits bulge with dried food, clothes, ammunition and seeds - everything to start a new life. They have ceased living with day-to-day annoyances. They leave dishes dirty in the sink (Why wash when tomorrow's not coming?), let dust settle on the television, and seem oblivious to possessions piled in disarray on bare floors. Regular housework seems pointless when you're preparing to escape a collapsing city at a moment's notice.