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26 Aug 2013 08:00

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Wildlife Crimes (46 of 47)
Bangkok, Thailand
By James Morgan
26 Oct 2012

Elephants are not the only commodity being traded. This year has also seen a rise in the illegal sale of rhinos and tigers. This is just one of 16 tigers cubs seized on Friday (26 Oct).

James Morgan / WWF-CANON

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Street Fighters of Tripoli 1
Lebanon Tripoli
By Osie Greenway
16 Aug 2013

Sunni fighters some who have been fighting in the area for over twenty years in Bab al Tabbaneh believe the time is coming for major conflict against the Alawite militias based in nearby Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli, Lebanon.

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Syrians in Greece protest chemical ma...
Athens, Greece
By Epoca Libera
23 Aug 2013

Members of the Syrian community in Athens protest the alleged chemical attack in Damascus outside Greek Parliament. August 23, 2013. Athens, Greece.

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Serekaniye or Ras al Ayn (9 of 17)
Ras Al Ain, Syria
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
21 Apr 2013

Abu Yusuf separates the men from the women in the line at the bakery.

He fights for the Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra faction. In Ras al Ain, Nusra is allied with the FSA, where they have jointly fought the YPG.

In the night of 16 July, the YPG attacked the FSA and Jabhat al Nusra. In one night, at least 9 FSA/Nusra members died. Abu Yusuf shaved his beard and fled to Turkey.

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Shark finning: A Cruel Dish is Disapp...
Hong Kong
By maltekol
30 Jun 2013

The trade in Shark Fins has declined in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the world's shark fin capital, where about half of all fins are traded. But according to figures from the Hong Kong government imports last year of Shark fins dropped by a third.

For most Chinese, eating shark's fin still remains a status symbol. But as Malte Kollenberg reports young people are starting to view it differently.

This is how Shark fins are ‘harvested….
The fins are cut off a living shark and then the torso is thrown back into the ocean. Most of these fins from countries like Indonesia end up in Hong Kong.In 2008 around 10.000 tons of fins passed the city’s ports according to environmental organization Oceana.

INTV (English): Stanley Shea, Activist with French founded Bloom Association
“In Hong Kong in the old times they provided banquets which is all settled by the restaurant and the fin is always included in the banquet. So it leaves the customer, they actually have no choice to remove the dishes from the banquet set.”

But things started to change three years ago.
Under pressure from Environmental groups Governments in Hong Kong and Mainland China have stopped serving shark fins at official banquets. And big corporations as well as hotel chains are announcing they will take shark fin soup off their menus.

INTV (English): Stanley Shea, Activist with French founded Bloom Association
“We have been talking to corporate and also hotels and restaurants. And we found in Hong Kong now awareness has been increased and many hotels and restaurants now offer something alternative in the banquet menus so people can choose not to have it.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund, appetite for the fins and other shark-related products has led to some shark species falling in numbers by 60-70%.
But in March this year five more species of Shark were added to the Washington Convention, ensuring endangered species are not threatened by overfishing and trade.This means tradingof eightshark speciesis not possible without official documentation anymore.
Here is the Sheung Wan District …. Shark Fins are still openly being sold.

But small shops merchants say business lately is slow and they are reluctant to talk about shark fins on camera…it has become a sensitive topic.But not far away at restaurant Lin Heung Kui staff will still proudly tell you that shark fin soup is on the menu.

INTV(Cantonese): Unidentified employee in Restaurant
“We prepare and serve the fins in lots of ways - with a clear soup or with shredded chicken. It is definitely more popular at night. We offer an especially cheap deal at $88 at the moment, but sometimes people come to get more expensive dishes.”

Shark fin soup has been the food of the rich and wealthy for hundreds of years in China. Consumption of the fins is said to increase health.

But anthropologist Veronica Mak says generational change is taking place.

INTV (English): Veronica Mak, Anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
“Not consuming shark fins becomes a signifier to show you are a social responsible person. In the past people made shark fins a signifier in a banquet, but nowadays this signifier changes.”

Activists believe that awareness and education is the key to change consumer behavior. And less demand for shark fins here will result in fewer sharks left for dead in the world’s oceans.

Video footage of fishermen "harvesting" fins is courtesy of Greenpeace. The footage was licensed from Greenpeace to be included into the video report.

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Stolen Brides: Syrian Refugee Women i...
Al Mafraq, Jordan
By Sharron Ward
29 Mar 2013

An exclusive powerful film exposing the sexual exploitation and abuse of Syrian refugee women who are subjected to "pleasure marriages," rape, kidnapping and sexual harassment in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan.
Duration: 10 minutes
Format: HD 16:9 1080i 1920 x 1080 25 fps, Apple Pro Res HQ 422 PAL
Viewing format: 4:3 low res version

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LA Doctors Transforming Children's Li...
Amman, Jordan
By Amy Hybels
04 Jun 2013

A team of surgeons from Los Angeles, California flew to Jordan to perform 45 surgeries in just five days on children and young adults living with physical deformities. The trip was organized by the Children of War Foundation, a non-profit which provides access to donated surgical care to children living with physical deformities or injuries. Board member and celebrity doctor Andrew Ordon, a host of "The Doctors", joined the team which included highly specialized surgeons from Children's Hospital Los Angeles. As Amy Hybels reports, the team wasted no time consulting and operating with the doctors at the King Hussein Medical Center on some of their most difficult cases, transforming lives one operation at a time.

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Interview with April 6 leader about M...
Cairo, Egypt
By elmasdr
23 Aug 2013

Ahmed Maher, the General Coordinator of the April 6 Youth movement speaks about Mubarak's release from prison and addresses the violence erupting in Egypt presently. Translation and transcript available on request.