Editor's Picks 21 August 2013

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21 Aug 2013 08:00

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Flooding due to Typhoon Trami (5 of 8)
Manila, Philippines
By Sherbien Dacalanio
20 Aug 2013

A horse calesh traversing the flooded Espana Blvd. cor Lacson St. in Manila.

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Elevated Subway Stations in New York ...
New York, USA
By Ulrik Pedersen
15 Apr 2013

View of Manhattan skyline. taking a trip with the subway is a mini vacation with skyline and coast views. Smith and 9th Streets station, Brooklyn, New York

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Syrian Refugees in Iraq (7 of 37)
Domeez, Iraq
By Bartek Langer
27 Jun 2013

The eight year old Samir lives with his parents and two brothers and sisters in the camp. His family fled from Damascus after they witnessed how neighbours were tortured.

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Bitter Oranges - African Migrant Work...
Rosarno, Italy
By Carolincik
29 Jul 2013

The living conditions of the African migrant workers are horrendous. During the winter months, when thousands arrive in the hope to find work, slum cities develop. The conditions in the squalid camps are similar to those in war zones one of the rare doctors who visit the slums tells us. In many of the makeshift camps there is no running water or electricity. Some of the camps are controlled by the mafia, and people are forced to pay for services they often never receive.

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After the Spring in Yemen (15 of 28)
Thula, Yemen
By dustweare
26 Aug 2012

Jambiya dance during the celebration of a wedding in Thula, the Haraz mountains, province of Amran. Dating back centuries to the pre-Islamic era, the Yemeni dagger is used for self-defense and in traditional dance.

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Tsavo East, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
07 Jun 2013

Kenya Wildlife Ranger Stephen Lewagat from the anti poaching unit during a patrol in Tsavo East game park in Kenya 7 June 2013. PHOTO/KAREL PRINSLOO

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Pottery Workshop In Gaza City (3 of 12)
Gaza City
By AhmedDeeb
06 Jun 2013

A boy loads clay pots into storage rooms in a pottery factory, which has been a source of income and pride for the Attallah family for generations. Gaza Strip, June, 2013.

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Life Along The Railway (2 of 11)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Michael Biach
20 Jun 2013

Young boys sit on top of a train, overlooking the overcrowded make-shift homes nearby. Bangladesh’s vibrant capital, Dakha, is home to more than 10 million people, making it one of the world’s most populated cities. Hundreds of people live beside the railroad in the Kawran Bazar slum, where residents face dire conditions in the unsanitary environment. Dakha, Bangladesh, June, 2013.

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Women Fighters in Aleppo (1 of 12)
Aleppo, Syria
By horizon news agency
01 Jul 2013

This 17-year old former college student now fighter is one of thirteen young Syrian women who have formed their own combat unit called "Um Al-Mouminin Aisha" to defend their community from attacks by the Syrian Regime on the Salaheldin neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.

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Afghan Security Force Soldier With RPG
Kabul, Afghanistan
By johnjournalist
24 May 2013

An Afghan Security Forces officer stands ready with a rocket grenade at the site of a major battle with the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. May 2013.

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Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen's bo...
Siem Reap, Cambodia
By George Nickels
05 Jul 2013

One of Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen's body guards wears a traditional red bracelet believed to bring good luck after the wearer has been blessed by a buddhist monk. Siam Reap, Cambodia.

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Street Fighters of Tripoli 1
Lebanon Tripoli
By Osie Greenway
16 Aug 2013

Sunni fighters some who have been fighting in the area for over twenty years in Bab al Tabbaneh believe the time is coming for major conflict against the Alawite militias based in nearby Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli, Lebanon.