Editor's Picks 16 August 2013

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16 Aug 2013 05:15

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Free Syrian Army
Aleppo, Syria
By shahed.alep
19 Oct 2012

Free Syrian Army Soldiers in Salah Al Dien - Aleppo City.

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Syrian Refugees in Iraq (25 of 37)
Domeez, Iraq
By Bartek Langer
27 Jun 2013

Due to the conflict in Syria hundreds of thousands fled to neighbouring countries. Many of them, mostly Kurds, reached Northern Iraq and found refuge in the camp Domeez near the city of Dohuk. Now almost 60.000 refugees live there. The Kurdish Govermnent, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) as well as several other international organizations provides drinking water, food and medical care. There are also three schools. But since more and more refugees arrive at the camp, the situation is getting worse.

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Bricks of Bangladesh (21 of 24)
Bandarband, Bangladesh
By Karim Mostafa
08 Jan 2013

The workers' salaries differ. The more bricks they carry or burn in the kilns, the more they get paid. Bricks are the most efficient and widely used building material and new brick buildings are erected across the country. Bandarban, Bangladesh. January 2013.

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Homemade oil refineries (1 of 12)
Ras al Ain, Syria
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
21 Apr 2013

One of Abu Zechariah's sons covers his mouth and nose while working with the refinery to avoid inhaling the smoke emitted from the rusty tank in Ras al-Ain, Syria, April, 2013.

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Morsi Supporters Battle with Egyptian...
Cairo, Egypt
By Ahmed Medhat
16 Aug 2013

After Egyptian security forces cleared two of the largest protest camps, occupied by supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, they battled on and around the 6th of October bridge with demonstrators, in the eastern Nasr City district of Cairo, Egypt.

Since the clashes that began on Wednesday, nearly 900 people have been killed.

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Arabian Jurassic Park (4 of 24)
Socotra, Yemen
By dustweare
01 Nov 2012

Dragon Blood tree forest facing Dirhur river valley. The Dragon Blood tree is a Socotran icon and one of the most striking plants of the island. This strange-looking tree is one of its countless endemic species. The Dragon's blood’s red sap has been used as medicine and dye for hundreds of years. Experts say the future of the species is threatened due mainly to the climate change and to a series of problems that have lead to poor reproduction of the tree.