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13 Aug 2013 08:00

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Wounded Free Syrian Army Soldier in ...
By Simon Letellier
26 May 2013

A wounded Free Syrian Army soldier arrived at a hospital after having been shot by sniper. Doctors placed tape on his eyes in an effort to curb medication-induced hallucinations. Aleppo, Syria, May, 2013.

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After the Spring in Yemen (19 of 28)
Hammam, Yemen
By dustweare
11 Jul 2013

Kid walks through the khat fields of his family holding the Quran in the sacred month of Ramadan.

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Raqqa, Syria (1 of 20)
Raqqa, Syria
By Alice Martins
17 Apr 2013

A damaged picture of president Bashar al-Assad is seen at the main park in the provincial capital of Al Raqqa after the rebels took control of the city. April 2013, Syria.

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Herbal High (10 of 18)
Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya
By Celeste Hibbert
10 Mar 2013

Khat is sold for relatively cheap prices. One bunch of the best quality khat which is often shared between two people costs $40. A bag of just the leaves can be as cheap as $1 a bag. Sacks of khat arrive to Eastleigh at 2pm on a daily basis. The shrub and is ordered and bundled with the customer's name written on their sack. Local vendors then collect their parcels and sell them to local chewers. Khat is a a leafy stimulant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. In these areas, khat chewing has a long history as a social custom dating back thousands of years. Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya. March, 2013.

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The Landless People of Noakhali (8 of...
Noakhali, Bangladesh
By Jeff Mcallister
06 Jun 2013

NGOs like Nijera Kori began facilitating discussions with landless groups in the eighties. When employees first visited, the women in the area would speak through veils from behind a wall.

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Bolivian Female Wrestlers / Multimedia
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Bolivian Wrestlers fight back against the dominant culture of machismo and discrimination. Photo Essay also available: see the image collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/928