Editor's Picks 29 July 2013

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29 Jul 2013 08:00

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The Cambodia Trust Prosthetics and Or...
Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia
By George Nickels
05 Nov 2012

Prosthetics technician team leader Mr Men Tharro pasting the outer skin of rubber with a kind of high strength glue.

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Kenyan Grade School (9 of 16)
isiolo, kenya
By Ulrik Pedersen
04 Oct 2012

Editor's Photo Highlight, During rainy season teaching can be a bit complicated, a student breaks to enjoy the rain at High Vision private school in Isiolo, Kenya.

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Illustrating Streamline
Tucson, Arizona
By ST McNeil
10 Oct 2012

Operation Streamline is the U.S. Federal court system response to mass increases in immigration enforcement. Everyday in border cities like Tucson, Ariz., hundreds of migrants apprehended throughout the U.S. are sentenced en masse with scant legal procedures. Criticized as unconstitutional, Streamline sends people to jail or deportation daily.

Off-limits to cameras, journalists ST McNeil and Josh Morgan brought graphic artist Lawrence Gipe to the courtroom to witness and record the "assembly-line." His sketches are the first images ever detailing an opaque border enforcement system.

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Protest over Brahimi Killing (14 of 16)
Tunis, Tunisia
By ST McNeil
27 Jul 2013

Five thousand marched for burial of nationalist Mohammed Brahmi on Jul. 27, 2013 at the Al-Gazala cemetery next to similarly assassinated leftist Chorki Belaid in Tunis, Tunisia. View the full collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/1305

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Bolivian Female Wrestlers / Multimedia
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Bolivian Wrestlers fight back against the dominant culture of machismo and discrimination. Photo Essay also available: see the image collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/928

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YPG rebel training Syria (8 of 14)
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
14 Apr 2013

Ashi (foreground) is in her first day of training for the Kurdish Women Defense Forces (YPJ). Ahsi says, 'We train to defend ourselves. We never attack. We do not want FSA/Nusra forces here. We also don't want Assad's forces. We just want to be free'.

Roshna, a female commander of the YPJ, got arrested in July for breaking the rules of Ramadan. Jabhat al Nusra refused to release her. In retaliation, on the night of July 16, the YPG and YPJ forces attacked Islamist fighters in Ras al-Ayn. After one night of fighting, they freed Roshna and ousted the Islamists.

Ashi was in Ras al Ain during the clashes. She fought behind the front line, and survived.

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Bricks of Bangladesh (10 of 24)
Savar, Bangladesh
By Karim Mostafa
08 Feb 2013

Improving the situation in the brick-making industry would be an important step for Bangladesh in the country's efforts to enhance human development. Big improvements have been made during the past decades: between 2000 and 2010, the number of people living in poverty declined from 63 million to 47 million. Savar, Bangladesh. January 2013. View the full collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/1201

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Family of slain political leader join...
Bardo, Tunisia
By Mohamed Haddad
28 Jul 2013

Yesterday, there was a sympathetic atmosphere in Bardo square in front of the National Constituency Assembly. Tunisians and MPs protesting to oust NCA broke the fast together. But in the early morning, the anti riot police surprised everybody and emptied the square.

VARIOUS OF Adnen Brahmi coming to the square.

Adnen Brahml, the son of Mohamed Brahmi Tunisian MP who was shot on July 25th: " I feel that my father did not die for free. My father has always bet on these people. And these people will take his revenge. These people will put out the dogs ruling the country with the help of the Tunisian youth. May God help us. May God help us.
VARIOUS OF BASMA KHALFAOUI the widow of chokri Belaid

Basma Khalfaoui, widow of Chokri Belaid, who was shot dead on February 6th, "I know that Tunisian people are wonderful, and reliable. I knew. Tunisian people will never surprise me. We con only wait for good things from Tunisians. Men, Women and young boys. I am confident in Tunisians


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Lost In The Jungle (4 of 31)
Etaeto, Democratic Republic of Congo
By Piero Pomponi World Focus
10 Sep 2012

Kalibo Mandigo - Etaeto - Democratic Republic of Congo - September 10th, 2012

The hunt for precious coltan is killing Africa's dwindling Pygmy population. The village of Kalibo Mandigo, located in the Ituri rain forest in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies in the heart of an obscure war zone that few in the West know about. The densely forested expanse along a stretch of border between the nation once known as Zaire and Uganda, furnishes some 80 percent of planet's Columbite Tantalite, or "coltan," an ore that is an essential ingredient in the creation of the miniature Tantalum capacitors present in virtually all electronic devices, including laptops, cell phones and pagers. Coltan is panned for by hand in much the same way as gold during the California gold rush of the 19th century. The demand by major companies such as Nokia and Sony for coltan (Australia is the other major source) has made the Congo into a battleground for rogue miners, who enter the country, through Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. The number of Pygmies is in constant decline as a result of the border fighting. On the move constantly, the pygmies, who are considered inferior, face the wrath of Congolese troops and Rwandan raiders who cross the border seeking the coltan. They were victims of rape, murder and cannibalism. According to Minority Rights Group International there is extensive evidence of mass killing, cannibalism and rape of Pygmies and they have urged the International Criminal Court to investigate a campaign of extermination against pygmies. Although they have been targeted by virtually all the armed groups, much of the violence against Pygmies is attributed to the rebel group, Movement for the Liberation of Congo.

The picture shows two pygmi hunters, with their bows and arrows, before starting the hunting, looking at the spot where the animal is hiding.