Khanalig Village in Azerbaijan

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25 Jul 2013 08:00

Khanalig is an ancient Caucasian village. It is located in the greater Caucasian mountains of Azerbaijan, on the border with Russian Dagestan. The history of Khanalig goes 5,000 years back and it is among the most ancient and continuously inhabited places in the world. To cross 63 km from Quba town to Khanalig takes almost 3 hours: the road is difficult and lays between mountains, waterfalls and rivers. Khanalig is also the highest, most remote and isolated village in Azerbaijan, and among the highest in the Caucasus. About 2,000 of Khinalig's citizens have their own language and dress in a traditional way that is kept until now. At the winter there is no access to this place because of the snow, the weather in khinalig village changes dramatically during summer and winter, ranging from −20 °C to 18 °C. Because of the high altitude and remoteness, Khanalig survived many invasions that were in that era over the years.

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