Editor's Picks 23 July 2013

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23 Jul 2013 09:00

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International Palestine Solidarity Co...
Karachi, Pakistan
By Syed Yasir Iqbal Kazmi
23 Jul 2013

Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Muzaffar Hashmi, Dr Meraj ul Huda Siddiqui, Mehfoozyar Khan and Mohammad Zazeh sitting on stage during the Palestine Solidarity Conference.

International conference on “Palestine: Manifestation of Muslim Ummah’s Unity” was held under the aegis of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan at Radio Pakistan auditorium, July 23, 2013, Photo by Yasir Kazmi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Speakers at an international conference on Palestine said that Israel is an illegitimate state that must cease to exist and an independent sovereign state of Palestine must be established.
Mohammad Zazeh, a leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), speaking at the conference said that the post-Gulf War II situation compelled them to reach Oslo Accord but that should not be misunderstood because the PLO never considered Israel as a legitimate state.
Mohammad Zahzeh also adds that “Israel is an illegitimate state. Palestine belongs to Palestinians. An independent state of Palestine is what the Palestinians will get recognized.

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Serekaniye or Ras al Ayn (11 of 17)
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
21 Apr 2013

Osama, commander of an FSA battalion, test fires a new Kalashnikov in the garden of the house that his battalion now calls base. Osama is a Kurd from Al Qamishli. When the revolution began, he tried to start a Kurdish FSA battalion. But after the first fights against the YPG, he gave up on that. "I am still Kurdish, but what the PYD wants is not what every Kurd wants. Kurdistan should be under control of Damascus. This town, that the PKK calls Serekaniye, I call it Ras al Ayn."

Commander losses are not easy on him. "I usually retreat as the last person. That way I feel less guilty when my men die."

During the last fights with the YPG (16 July) his battalion got run out of Ras al Ayn. Some of his men died. The survivors are currently fighting elsewhere.

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Women Who Have Lost in Armenia
Tavush, Armenia
By Nazik Armenakyan
08 Mar 2013

Although the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan was signed in 1994, peace didn't come with it. Ceasefire violations along the border are nearly an everyday reality in Armenia.

Unemployment and poverty, which affects more than one third of Armenia's male population in border cities and villages, has forced them to still risk their lives serving in the military as contractors after they fulfilled their mandatory service.

This multimedia piece features women who have lost their husbands and sons during ceasefire violations. These widows are now forced continue living their daily lives andtake care of their families alone.

On June 18, 2008, two residents of the Armenian village of Chinari (Tavoush) were killed by an Azerbaijani sniper. Twenty year-old Levon Petrosyan died from his wounds. When fifty year-old Rafik Saghoyan went to help Levon, he too was struck down.

On April 27, 2012 three Armenian soldiers were killed during clashes with an Azerbaijani military unit that had infiltrated the border of Tavoush Province. The soldiers who died defending the border were Arshak Nersisyan, Davit Abgaryan and Aram Yesayan.

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Women Wrestling (22 of 44)
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Maria La Hija De Mr Atlas hits the canvas as Yolanda La Amorosa prepares to put her in a submission.

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Daily Life - Poverty & Homelessness (...
Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria
By Tife Owolabi
17 Oct 2012

A teenage girl in a fishing expedition is covered with crude oil in the waterways of the oil rich Bayelsa state, Nigeria.

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Women Fighters in Aleppo (4 of 13)
Aleppo, Syria
By horizon news agency
01 Jul 2013

Members of the "Um Al-Mouminin Aisha" fighting group stand alongside their fellow fighter as she is trained on how to handle a rifle in a combat situation in Aleppo, Syria 2013.

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Tsavo East, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
05 Jun 2013

Kenya Wildlife Rangers from the anti poaching unit prepare lunch during a patrol in the Tsavo East game park in Kenya 5 June 2013. PHOTO/KAREL PRINSLOO

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Childhood in Bahrain
Abu Saiba, Bahrain
By AlFardan
07 Nov 2012

A child running in one of the demonstrations in Abu Saiba village