Editor's Picks 18 July 2013

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17 Jul 2013 08:00

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Gold rush in the heart of Mozambique ...
Manica, Mozambique
By palyizsofi
24 Jan 2011

The gold diggers wash the soil during the day and all night, hoping that it reveals the precious metal. The majority of prospectors arrive illegally from neighboring countries like Zimbabwe. The gold nuggets, belonging to the state, end up in the hands of Nigerian, Somalian, Zimbabwean, Israeli and Lebanese merchants. The state is left with the ground and rivers where the water is no longer suitable for drinking and the ground infertile. The rivers become heavily polluted from mercury used to extract the gold, poisoning aquatic life in the river and posing a serious health risks for the gold diggers. The diggers work on their own account and after selling the gold they must give half of the money to the owner of the land they found it on.

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The peaceful revolution (1 of 22)
Sofia, Bulgaria
By Georgi Kozhuharov
01 Jul 2013

A boy and a girl, hugging each other, waiting for the protest to start.

Thousands of mainly younger, well-educated Bulgarians have been rallying in Sofia and other cities since June 14 to demand the resignation of the Socialist-led cabinet. Up to 30,000 daily in Sofia alone – the protests in the EU’s poorest member are unprecedented since communism fell two decades ago.

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Life Along The Railway (6 of 11)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Michael Biach
20 Jun 2013

A grandmother and her grandson are sitting next to a wall in a slum in Dhaka. As more and more women are working in factories to raise money for the familiy, grandmothers are taking care of children.

Space is scarce in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s vibrant capital. So is money. An estimated number of more than 10 million people live in Dhaka, making it one of the world’s most populated cities. Poor neighborhoods, by western definitions called slums, are continuously growing. The space next to railway tracks has long been occupied by numerous makeshift homes.

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Occupation Has No Future
By upheavalproductions
18 Jan 2011

This film covers the character of Israeli occupation of Palestine. Documenting opinions not usually revealed from both Israelis and Palestinians. A behind the scenes look into how militarism and occupation is implemented in the mindsets of Israeli citizens at a young age. Powerful interviews with Israelis who were once soldiers that are now anti occupation and Palestinians who give personal accounts of life inside the occupation.

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Bricks of Bangladesh (22 of 24)
Bandarban, Bangladesh
By Karim Mostafa
08 Jan 2013

Conditions at the fields are tough. The brick-making generates a lot of dust, which affects everyone working at the site as well as people living nearby. Bricks are the most efficient and widely used building material and new brick buildings are erected across the country. Bandarban, Bangladesh. January 2013.

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Mayotte, The Dark Side of The Lagoon ...
Mayotte Island
By Adrien MATTON
17 May 2013

Upon his arrival to Mayotte, Djof found shelter at a cousin’s place. He still goes back for consultation and to acquire his administrative documents.

A son arrivée à Mayotte, Djof a été hébergé chez une cousine. Il s’y rend encore pour consulter ou récupérer ses documents administratifs.