Editor's Picks 2 July 2013

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02 Jul 2013 08:00

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Cairo by TokTok (11 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Teo Butturini
23 Mar 2013

A view of the streets of Imbaba (Cairo, Egypt), as seen from the back seat of a toktok. Living conditions in the local areas are very poor, and residents complain that the government has completely forgotten about them since the elections.

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Kurdish Women Fighters in Syria (2 of...
Ras Al Ain, Syria
By audeosnowycz
07 Dec 2012

Young Kurds in their twenties who have joined the YPG (Kurdish Armed Forces). They control one of the many checkpoints on the road between Qamishlo and Derik.

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Chapulling Generation, Occupy Gezi Pa...
Istanbul, Turkey
By Francesco Pistilli
08 Jun 2013

Cansu. Age 23. TV filmmaker.

"I'm a professional camerawoman, I'm proud to be part of the movement's official TV: "Gezi TV" streaming, together with other professional volunteers".

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Protests Turn Violent in Sao Paulo (1...
Sao Paulo, Brazil
By Juliana Spinola
21 Jun 2013

Thousands of protesters took over the streets of Sao Paulo throughout the past week, against the rise in public transportation costs and expenses paid by the Brazilian government to host the Confederations Cup and World Cup in 2014. The wave of protests grew. There were clashes with police, invasion of public buildings, many hospitalized and arrested. Now the protests are calmer and the government is responding with a series of important changes required by Social Movements and protestants.

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Remembering Srebrenica (8 of 25)
Potocari, Bosnia and Herzegovina
By giulianocamarda
11 Jul 2011

A man mourning over his relative's coffin inside the hangar of Potochari before the burial ceremony

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Cham fisher folk fear their future (5...
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
By Kristof Vadino
23 Jan 2013

A Cham woman prays at five o'click in the afternoon. She stands on her boat, her face to the east. But that is also in the direction of the Sokha hotel. The Cham Muslims fear Sokha management will soon grab their land.

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Cyno MC and Burney MC
Berlin, Germany
By Amy Hume
28 Jul 2011

The first representatives of End of the Weak Uganda, Cyno and Burney, join the annual World Finals 2011, which hosted Hip Hop artists from 7 countries, in Berlin.

Hip Hop is a global phenomena that reaches nearly all corners of the Earth. Starting in the projects of NYC nearly 40 years ago, struggling youth from Mongolia to Rwanda use music as a weapon to express their situations, hopes, and dreams. Though Hip Hop culture is new to Uganda, it is becoming popular with people of all ages, but with the youth in particular. Hip Hop music is reaching the smallest of villages, as I witnessed in the war-torn area of Gulu. Access to music is free, which is an essential aspect of why Hip Hop is spreading like wildfire.
In 2009, End of the Weak (EOW), a collaboration of MCs, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs that spans 17 countries, reached Uganda. All chapters of EOW are involved with community outreach, workshops for youth and exude positive influence in their communities through Hip Hop culture. The MC Challenge is a competition in each country wherein the winners gather at the World Finals, which are held in a different country each year. The MC Challenge is held in the central, eastern, western and northern regions of Uganda so that many different languages are represented in the competition. Winners of the MC Challenge are provided studio time, video production and photo shoots as a way to share and promote their music.