Editor's Picks 18 June 2013

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18 Jun 2013 08:00

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Greek State Broadcaster Under Occupat...
Athens, Greece
By Nikolas Georgiou
18 Jun 2013

Employees at Greek state broadcaster ERT occupy the headquarters and keep broadcasting despite the govenrment’s decision to suddenly close down the company. Thousands of citizens showed their solidarity guarding the headquarters from police intervention. Pictured, the control room of one of ERT's studios.

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Kenyan Grandmothers' Survival (12 of 34)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
09 May 2013

Seventy year old Wairimu Gachenga waits her turn to practice self defense techniques with other grandmothers 10 May 2013 in the Nairobi slum of Korogocho, Kenya. Once a week a group of grandmothers from the area get together to practice self defense techniques after one of them was raped in 2007. Rape of elderly woman has increased in Kenya as people believe that grandmothers have a lower risk of HIV compared to younger women. KAREL PRINSLOO.

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Chapulling Generation, Occupy Gezi Pa...
Istanbul, Turkey
By Francesco Pistilli
08 Jun 2013

Gokben. Age 35. Marketing operator.

"I started to go to Gezi Park on May 31st. We just want our freedom. We are against prohibitions. We are against the government policy about terrorists and terrorism. The president makes deals with heads of terrorist organizations and we don't accept that. He sells Turkish companies to foreign companies. He hates Ataturk and he tries to destroy Ataturk's principles, works, etc. He cuts trees to make buildings and his aim is to earn lots of money for his family and his supporters. He wants everybody to think like him, behave like him, and live like him. It is not possible. There are many reasons why we want the government to resign.
We collected garbage in Gezi Park. We sang a song. We ate lunch and dinner together. We bought water, bread, chocolate, litter bags and medicine for our friends who are sleeping at night in Gezi Park.I am working so that I can go after my job and during weekends."

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Flip Flop Recycling
Mombassa, Kenya
By Ruud Elmendorp
29 May 2013

A Kenyan company based in Nairobi is recycling flip flops left on the beach in Mombosa and turning them into art and household beauties. This cultivation of used flip flops is helping in cleaning the beaches around the area and providing jobs for a lot of nationals.

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Spills & Curses (16 of 20)
Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria
By Tife Owolabi
14 Jun 2013

Freeborn Roland viewing spilled crude oil from Royal Dutch Shell facility behind his home in the Ikarama community of oil rich Bayelsa state Nigeria

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Kenya MP Parliament Protest (3 of 9)
Nairobi, Kenya
By Karel Prinsloo
11 Jun 2013

Kenyan protestors during a protest over Members of Parliament's salaries on the 11th of June 2013. Kenyan MPs have voted to allow a pay increase for themselves in defiance of proposals to cut their pay. Kenyan MP's are already one of the higest paid in the world.The MP's voted for a monthly salary of about $10,000 (£6,540).

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Kinshasa Street Children (22 of 73)
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
By Piero Pomponi World Focus
01 Jun 2013

Kinshasa-Democratic Republic of Congo-09-06-2013- The problem of street children in Kinshasa, continue to rise, despite more than two thousand former street and orphaned children have been housed and rehabilitated by a National government program. In the DR Congo, the street children are called “enfants sorciers”, meaning the witch kids who are usually victims of domestic violence, the HIV epidemic, early pregnancies, or the accusation of practicing voodoo. Most of the children have confessed to pick-pocketing, regular drug use, expecially marijuana and sniffing of petrol. A pilot project to rehabilitate thousands of children living on the streets of DR Congo is failing because government is excluding civil society from the rehabilitation program.Two years ago, the government began recruiting Kinshasa’s street kids and placing them into training centres under the auspices of the DR Congo National Service, to provide them trade skills, such as carpentry and tailoring. However following their graduation from life and trade skills training, the children often return to their old lives because there has been no planning by government on how the skills could be utilized by the kids to their benefit.

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Bolivian Female Wrestlers / Multimedia
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Bolivian Wrestlers fight back against the dominant culture of machismo and discrimination. Photo Essay also available: see the image collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/928

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Stateless Part 1
Kampala, Chicago, London, Geneva
By DocuProf
01 Jan 2013

Part 2 http://transterramedia.com/media/16897

Since the 1994 Genocide, Rwandan refugees from that conflict- and from subsequent events- have created a population of over 150,000 (some say 250,00) living around the world.
In June of 2013, most of these refugees will lose their refugee status and be forced back to Rwanda by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and host countries.
The refugees fear repatriation to a country they see as oppressive, dictatorial and discriminatory.

This film explores why it is NOT a proper time to invoke this return by the UN and host countries.

It has interviews with major figures in refugee studies, Paul Rusesabagina (The REAL "Hotel Rwanda" person), Theogene Rudesingwa (former Ambassador to the US from Rwanda) who has been exiled as well as UN officials, Human Rights activists and refugees themselves.
Much of the film was actually shot by the refugees.
46 min long for a broadcast hour

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'Les eaux cachées' (Hidden Waters) --...
Fez, Morocco
By Joe Lukawski
31 Mar 2012

Trailer (HD) for 'Les eaux cachées' (Hidden Waters), a documentary film about the past, present and future of water in Fez, Morocco.

Directed and Produced by : Joe Lukawski