Editor's Picks 28 May 2013

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28 May 2013 08:00

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Nowhereland Tattoo Project (6 of 13)
Cairo, Egypt
By Ines Della Valle
27 May 2013

Egypt, Cairo, December 2012 - Orne Gil making the Nefertiti mask tattoo

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Bamako, Mali (1 of 7)
Bamako, Mali.
By George Henton
13 Feb 2013

Image from Bamako, Mali, taken during the ongoing conflict in West Africa.

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"Living the Love" - Documentary about...
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
By Gloria Kurnik
08 Feb 2012

In depth portrait of the Hindu Thaipusam festival held annually in Malaysia in January. A unique take on the events through the eyes of a participating couple.
This short documentary is produced in a "personal journey" or "character driven" style.

Piercing the body out of faith is a custom in most of the oldest religions. Though it may induce fear, doubt and anxiety, it is also associated with a certain sense of mysticism and spirituality. The viewer witnesses here the Thaipusam - the magical Hindu festival where devotees in a state of trance, painlessly carry offerings in the form of heavy burdens and/or have a range of intriguing attachments hooked to their body.

But beyond the images of unbelievable crowds and fanfare, the viewer can also witness the love, trust and devotion merging into an expression of faith through self-sacrifice.

For many, Thaipusam is all about the flourish and the obscure customs. For many tourists, it is the defining evidence of the unique multi-cultural life in Malaysia. For many amateur photographers, it’s one of those places where you capture that ‘one’ unforgettable picture. For some it's a story of love...

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An Ancient Tradition of Lelo (15 of 20)
Shukhuti, Georgia
By Arturas Morozovas
05 May 2013

Male residents of the village of Shukhuti in Georgia fighting over a 16-kilogram leather ball during the traditional Lelo Barti game.

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Pacification (8 of 23)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
By Rafael Fabres
11 Feb 2012

UPP Privates Annunciacçâo and Silva question a group of people and search them for drugs in the middle of a street party in the shatytown of Sao Carlos, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 07, 2012.

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Stories in Tents, Qah Refugee Camp (8...
Idlib, Syria
By Jodi Hilton
12 Dec 2012

Girls finish koran class at Qah Camp for displaced Syrians on December 12, 2012. Cold weather and rain has increased the hardships faced by nearly 3600 displaced Syrians, many from the destroyed town of Hass have taken refuge there. Since Turkey began turning away refugees, many thousands have moved to tents on the Syrian side of the border.

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Life In The Graves - La Vie Dans Les ...
Shanshrah, Idlib province, Syria
By Marie
13 Apr 2013

This woman holds the jacket of her dead son while he was fighting against the regime with the FSA. Her four sons, all fighters, died fighting the regime.

Cette femme tient le blouson de son fils mort au combat aux cotés de l’armée syrienne libre. Ses quatre fils, tous combattants contre le régime sont décédés.

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Red Light Districts: A Story About Pr...
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
By newspoint
29 Sep 2012

Sonagachi is one of Calcutta’s largest red light districts – narrow alleys, lined with small ‘apartments’ and corner stores form a confusing and nightmarish maze. The buildings lean into the street, the roads are crowded, it’s hot. The city seems to want to eat itself. Sonagachi is one of the very few places in India where women have a higher street profile than men. That’s because most of them are prostitutes. Approximately 9000 women, many of them trafficked into the country from Bangladesh or Nepal, work in Sonagachi. Around 60.000 more sex workers are active across Calcutta.

In overcrowded India things don’t come in small measures. Two and a half million women and
children (around 500.000 prostitutes in India are under 16) are working in the country’s sex industry.
More than 5 million people are already HIV positive. Governments, both local and national, do little
to tackle the increasing risk of a large-scale AIDS epidemic. Large red light areas like Sonagachi are
at the centre of a problem that may soon spiral out of control and affect millions of people in Bengal
and the neighbouring state of Bihar. Sex workers are socially shunned and prostitution is illegal,
which makes the women in Sonagachi extremely susceptible to extortion, blackmail, rape or murder
by local gangsters, pimps and the police.

Byte: Sudeshna Basu Mukharjee, Sociologist

Byte: Pinki, Sex worker

“I am living at this place as a mother no one wants to live. I want to make my children’s future bright , When we’ll get older then our children will not going to support us.”

Byte: Juhi Tamang, Teacher

“My mother does not want me to join this field. Till the time I can do work hard, I’ll do.”