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17 May 2013 08:00

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Gay Rights Rally In Russia 6
St Petersburg, Russia
By Yury Goldenshtein
18 May 2013

Gay rights activists rallied to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia in St. Petersburg.

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Africa's disappearing forests
Lambarene, Gabon
By serengeti1 serengeti1
16 May 2013

Africa’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Loggers and farmers have cleared most of Africa’s frontiers forests. West Africa only has 10% of its original forests left. Despite having 530 million hectares of forest, Africa is one of the world’s continents with the lowest cover rate. Africa cannot afford to lose its forest cover, yet only a few large blocks of intact natural forest still remain.

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Anti-Morsi Demonstration in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
By Video Cairo Sat
17 May 2013

Hundreds of anti-Morsi protestors marched on Friday, May 17, from Mostafa Mahmoud Square to iconic Tahrir Square, in a million-man- march dubbed "Going Back to the Square" in solidarity with the recently-launched 'Rebel' campaign.

'Rebel' is a grassroots movement aimed at registering opposition to President Mohamed Morsi and forcing him to call early presidential elections by collecting as many as 15 million signatures by 30 June. The group says they have already collected 2 million names. The group officially launched on 1 May.

Major demands of the anti-government demonstration include early presidential elections, the release of detained political activists, and a new constitution.

Protestors voice their rejection to Morsi’s economic policies, including the new tax system and the government’s attempts to secure a $4.8bn loan from the International Monetary Fund.

A handful of political parties and movements announced plans to partake in the planned rallies. These include the Constitution Party, the Free Front for Peaceful Change the Free Egyptians Party, April Six Youth Movement and ‘Rebel' campaigners.

Egypt's opposition has grown increasingly discontent with President Mohamed Morsi's attempts to monopolize state institutions and smother dissent. The opposition accuses Morsi of governing only in the interests of his Muslim Brotherhood, while he insists he is the president of all Egyptians.

Since Morsi was elected last June, Egypt has continued to suffer from a serious political and economic crisis, and there have often been frequent clashes, sometimes deadly, between his opponents and supporters.

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: May 17, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: May 17, 2013
Length: 00:02:18
Video Size: 113 MB
Language: Arabic
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Camera: VCS

1. Various shots for the demonstration
2. Shot for one of the demonstrators while cheering
3. Various shots for the demonstrators holding banners and flags
4. Shot for women cheering from balcony
5. Various shots for the demonstration
6. Various shots for people who distributes ‘Rebel’ applications
7. Shot for a demonstrator holding ‘Rebel’ banner
8. Various shots for citizens signing ‘Rebel’ application
9. Shot a fully-veiled woman cheering against Morsi
10. Various shots for demonstrators
11. Various shots for the demonstration
12. Shot for a banner condemns Morsi’s regime and the Ministry of Interior.
13. Various shots for the demonstration
14. Shot for a woman standing on a stage cheering against Morsi
15. Shot for a banner calling for the removal of Morsi’s regime

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Mook, the Teen Thai Weightlifter (5 o...
Bangkok, Thailand
By Biel Calderon
01 May 2013

Mook trains at the Thai-Japanese Stadium. She trains at least five days per week. She is able to lift 85 Kg (clean and jerk competition) and 67 Kg (snatch competition).

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Transgender election candidate from P...
Jhelum City, Pakistan
By Muhammed Furqan
01 May 2013

Residents of inner Jhelum look on as Lubna walks by. She is very familiar with the area and its residents and many welcome her contesting in the elections.

Very popular among the transgender community in Jhelum, Lubna is a former wedding dancer who decided to run for a seat in the provincial assembly. Now legally recognized, several transgender people are running for elections and working toward equal rights for the community.

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Transgenders (9 of 20)
Yerevan, Armenia
By Nazik Armenakyan
16 Feb 2011

Sometimes Lorena is dancing at the strip club with female dancers.

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Bolivian Female Wrestlers / Multimedia
By James Morgan
03 Jun 2012

Bolivian Wrestlers fight back against the dominant culture of machismo and discrimination. Photo Essay also available: see the image collection here: http://transterramedia.com/collections/928

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Warsaw, Poland
By Agnieszka Adamek
09 Feb 2011

Konrad Modzelewski performs mainly in front of child audience. It is his only source of income.

Cost: Konrad Modzelewski
Written and directed by Agnieszka Adamek
Photos: Matthew Wołoczko, George Bończyk
Editing: Mark Marlikowski
Production: oognet.pl

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African Wood Company Seeks to Refores...
Yatta, Kitui - Kenya
By Ruud Elmendorp
14 Nov 2012

The Africa Wood Grow company is trying a new angle on replanting, and combatting deforestation. They hope to make their endeavor lucrative, and attractive to business owners who need lumber, and other wood products.