Editor's Picks 5 May 2013

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05 May 2013 08:00

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Transgender election candidate from P...
Jhelum City, Pakistan
By Muhammed Furqan
01 May 2013

Transgender election candidate Lubna and her assistant asking for votes in a door to door campaign. Lubna says she has not encountered any abuse or threats from anyone from the city.

Very popular among the transgender community in Jhelum, Lubna is a former wedding dancer who decided to run for a seat in the provincial assembly. Now legally recognized, several transgender people are running for elections and working toward equal rights for the community.

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Mitrovica (19 of 25)
mitrovica, Kosovo
By Michael Biach
19 Mar 2013

Roma boys in the newly build Roma Mahala. After the conflict Albanians set the Roma Mahala on fire blaming the minority as alleged Serb collaborators.

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Kampala, Uganda
By Amy Hume
20 Nov 2011

Break dancing exhibit.

Hip Hop is a global phenomena that reaches nearly all corners of the Earth. Starting in the projects of NYC nearly 40 years ago, struggling youth from Mongolia to Rwanda use music as a weapon to express their situations, hopes, and dreams. Though Hip Hop culture is new to Uganda, it is becoming popular with people of all ages, but with the youth in particular. Hip Hop music is reaching the smallest of villages, as I witnessed in the war-torn area of Gulu. Access to music is free, which is an essential aspect of why Hip Hop is spreading like wildfire.
In 2009, End of the Weak (EOW), a collaboration of MCs, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs that spans 17 countries, reached Uganda. All chapters of EOW are involved with community outreach, workshops for youth and exude positive influence in their communities through Hip Hop culture. The MC Challenge is a competition in each country wherein the winners gather at the World Finals, which are held in a different country each year. The MC Challenge is held in the central, eastern, western and northern regions of Uganda so that many different languages are represented in the competition. Winners of the MC Challenge are provided studio time, video production and photo shoots as a way to share and promote their music.

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Dambe - Promo
Bamako, Mali
By Dearbhla Glynn
03 Apr 2013

This is the musical story of two talented Irish musicians covering thousands of miles
of stunning yet arduous terrain from Bamako in the south to the mysterious ancient
city of Timbuktu, from which point they enter the Sahara. The film captures Mali in
all its magic and beauty, celebrating culture and the power of music. This film is a
musical journey into Mali, West Africa. Renowned Irish musicians Liam O’Maonlaí
(The Hothouse Flowers) and Paddy Keenan (The Bothy Band) travel thousands of kilometers through Mali, to discover why it is known as the heart of Africa.

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Morrocco on two wheels (4 of 25)
Marrakech, Morocco
By Martushka Fromeast
21 Feb 2013

Little Amsterdam. There are lots of traditional dutchies on the streets of Moroccan towns and cities.

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El Rancho (19 of 21)
Ghadras, Lebanon
By Monique Jaques
26 Aug 2012

Maya Daher rides a horse at El Rancho, she is visiting with her husband and two children.

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Yangon, Myanmar Lethwei - Let Wei Bu...
Yangon, Myanmar
By Vittore Buzzi
06 Nov 2012

Vittore Buzzi Photography Yangon, Myanmar Lethwei - Let Wei Burma Boxe.
Lone Chaw was 3 times Myanmar National Champion. Lethwei’s real legend.

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Tunisian minorities under pressure
Djerba, Tunisia
By billcode
22 May 2012

Since the revolution hit Tunisia in 2011, religious minorities have been watching with unease the growth in size and confidence of puritanical Islamist groups which were suppressed under the secular dictatorship.

Churches have been attacked, Jews shouted down and the followers of revered saints harassed into not attending the shrines they've always visited. In a country long proud of its secular tradition, they watch as shrines and churches have become almost fair game across North Africa.

As people here debate what it means to be a Tunisian, meet members of the small minority groups in this overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim country.

We meet a young man converting to Judaism from Sunni Islam, who tells us the hopes he has for his country, and his life, as he takes his risky journey.

We meet followers of the ancient Stambali group, descended from black African slaves, who tell of the harassment they are receiving on the basis that their reverence of saints is not acceptable in Islam.

The Association for the Support of Minorities - newly allowed, but not keen on allowing the same right to existence for Salafists and other ultraconservatives, wants action from the Islamist-led government to support minorities.

And get the view of the Tahrir party - long banned in many countries including Tunisia, but recently permitted by the Islamist-led government.


'Mehdi', Muslim converting to Judaism

Riadh Zaouch, Stambali Shrine leader

Yamina Thabet, Association for the Support of Minorities

Ridha Bel Haj, Tahrir Party

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Music Therapy for Autistic Children i...
kathmandu, Nepal
By Rajneesh Bhandari
01 Apr 2013

There is still no official data regarding the numbers of autistic people in Nepal. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the number of autistic children is increasing daily.

Of Nepal’s population of 30 million, a rough estimate shows that 300 thousand people are living with autism, and around 60 to 90 thousand of them are within the spectrum of severe autism.

Autistic children need therapy to improve their understanding and responses. Various treatments such as art therapy, music therapy and occupational therapy have been shown to improve the lives of autistic children.

In this video, Kedar Ghandari, a music therapist, discusses his use of music therapy to help autistic children in Nepal.