Editor's Picks 27 April 2013

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27 Apr 2013 08:00

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Segou, Mali
By bindra
27 Nov 2012

A young boy herds his family’s livestock in the outskirts of Segou, Mali on November 27th 2012.

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School for Syrian Refugees in Turkey ...
Antakya, Turkey
By Jodi Hilton
14 Dec 2012

During recess, at Albashayer School for Syrian Refugee Children, some children climbed the school walls while others played games and roughhoused.

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The Last Church in Benghazi (11 of 14)
Benghazi, Libya
By Tripcarbons
14 Apr 2013

Three Nuns visiting from India take their pews. They are visiting Benghazi to volunteer in the local hospital.

As Father Alan takes mass in Benghazi’s Immaculate Conception Catholic Church a young Libyan sits in the doorway wearing Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a football shirt and holding an elderly looking sawn-off shotgun.

Immaculate Conception is the city’s last functioning church after gunmen attacked the Greek Orthodox Church in March assaulting the priests and setting it on fire.

Since the revolution the church has been broken into twice and it’s only five minutes away from an open-air gun market but its priests say the only thing that will make them close the church is if the government asks them to leave.

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Nepal Elephant Beauty Contest (1 of 10)
Chitwan, Nepal
By Rajneesh Bhandari
28 Dec 2012

Pinki Kali, one of the participants at the elephant beauty contest, painted on Dec. 28, 2012 in Chitwan, Nepal. This was the third Elephant Beauty Contest held in Nepal.

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Istanbul Fashion Week 2013 (24 of 71)
Istanbul, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
15 Mar 2013

The Fall/Winter collection of Selma State at Istanbul Fashion Week in Istanbul, Turkey

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Hijabistas In Indonesia (Part 1 of 5)
Jakarta, Indonesia
06 Nov 2012

In Jakarta, they call them "Hijabistas" - a mix of hijab and fashionistas. They love glamourous clothes and colors. They are very feminine yet they still wear their muslim outfits and respect the Quran's values.

Indonesian fashion designers are hoping to turn Indonesia into the world’s Muslim fashion Mecca within the next decade. The country, which has the largest Muslim population, is already on the right path. Many designers have already established flourishing businesses in their local communities. Some of them even made it to the international market. Distancing themselves from the traditional black burqa, those Islamic fashion designers are now proposing new and unique clothing and hijab styles for muslim women from all around the globe.

The clothes, which are sold throughout the whole muslim world, are made in the outskirts of Jakarta. The capital even have its own fashion week, dedicated to this type of clothing. Dian Pelangi, a well known Indonesian fashion designer, even created a special collection for the Eid celebration this year, which she presented at the fashion week a couple of weeks ago. She even created an innovative jilbab (long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by some Muslim women) series called Circle Shawl to encourage more young women to wear the jilbab.

En Indonésie on les appelle les hijabistas : contraction d'hijab et fashionista : elles aiment le glamour et les couleurs. Elles portent leurs tenues musulmanes dans le plus grand respect des préceptes du Coran, mais elles sont très féminines. Loin de la burqa, la mode musulmane connait désormais sa capitale : Jakarta. Les designers rivalisent d'idées pour sortir du triste voile foncé et des robes sombres.

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Illustrating Streamline
Tucson, Arizona
By ST McNeil
10 Oct 2012

Operation Streamline is the U.S. Federal court system response to mass increases in immigration enforcement. Everyday in border cities like Tucson, Ariz., hundreds of migrants apprehended throughout the U.S. are sentenced en masse with scant legal procedures. Criticized as unconstitutional, Streamline sends people to jail or deportation daily.

Off-limits to cameras, journalists ST McNeil and Josh Morgan brought graphic artist Lawrence Gipe to the courtroom to witness and record the "assembly-line." His sketches are the first images ever detailing an opaque border enforcement system.

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'Les eaux cachées' (Hidden Waters) --...
Fez, Morocco
By Joe Lukawski
31 Mar 2012

Trailer (HD) for 'Les eaux cachées' (Hidden Waters), a documentary film about the past, present and future of water in Fez, Morocco.

Directed and Produced by : Joe Lukawski