Careers & Opportunities

We are always in need of driven, passionate, and qualified people to join our team and community. We offer job opportunities, internship opportunities, and partnerships.

Given that Transterra Media is a company with many different components, we require people from a broad range of knowledge backgrounds. We seek people with journalism and media backgrounds, tech backgrounds, business and marketing backgrounds, literary and creative backgrounds, international NGO backgrounds, human resource and management backgrounds, photographers, videographers, and news junkies.

Multilingual people are a highly valued asset at Transterra Media. While we are always interested in anyone of any linguistic background, we are currently particularly interested in spanish speakers and native arabic speakers (both written and spoken, formal and colloquial).

Transterra Media requires individuals who are passionate about the news, the world, storytelling, and technology. All applicants should be personally driven and passionate about Transterra Media’s concept and work, and should be genuinely excited to be part of a community that is changing the media game.