We are a full service video production agency for Brands, Channels and Charities.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
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Custom Video and Photo Campaigns.

Come to us with a full brief or let us work with you to source storylines directly from our network of journalists and filmmakers. Our in-house team of producers and creative talent will work alongside you to craft the perfect editorial direction for your campaign or individual stories.  

Dedicated Personal Service.

Transterra Studio delivers premium content atop premium service. We use technology to make the production process smoother, faster and better organized for both of us. You will always be provided a production manager with a minimum of 10 years of international video or photo production experience. Our job is to make extraordinary stories together, and share your brand’s stories with the world.


Pricing and Licensing.

We provide a simple, standardized pricing and licensing structure that adjusts to your content volume needs. You retain a non-exclusive worldwide, multi-platform, multi-use, in perpetuity license on all custom content. The final, approved edit will be exclusive to you; however, in order to keep your production costs down we allow our contributors to retain the rights to their footage in clip form, resalable through our content marketplace. Should you require exclusivity for any reason, we’re happy to work with you on your licensing needs.


Archival and Stock Video and Photo.

You can search for existing media on the platform or request both stock and archival footage and video from our research team for free. The archive is a completely open platform and you only pay for what you use. Comps are free and downloadable with a current account. Payment is made via credit card and for verified customers, we can invoice you to pay later. Upon payment, you can download instantly, the native resolution, non-watermarked media. Our standard license is non-exclusive, worldwide, multi-use, multi-platform, in perpetuity.