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Dear Friends,

This email is a general call-out for live-broadcast stories. We're currently testing a live-streaming smartphone app and would love for you to participate.

Storyline: Ideally, we'd like to put together a three-way broadcast between one broadcast journalist and two in-field journalists about a contemporary news situation of your choice. Think of a live-broadcast television newscast.

Broadcast Setup: 1 Broadcast Journalist/Producer/Interviewer + 2 Field Journalists (in two separate locations)

Duration: A live-broadcast of 10-15 minutes.

Story Ideas: Open contemporary news situation that is best covered live and from separate locations. As an example, you could report on the current COVID situation in your country. The Broadcast Journalist/Producer/Interviewer can set up the background with statistics and the government's approach. Then she could go directly to two field journalists at hospitals who would interview doctors on site.

Budget: $700 for the full broadcast. We will do the post-production in-house. If not, we can discuss a post-production budget with you directly.

Quick Video: Please take a minute to watch this video. It will give you an idea of the technology, the potential and hopefully trigger some story ideas.

Training: We will work with you to set up your laptop and smartphones and do as much training as necessary to get the project off the ground.

Hardware Requirements
Broadcast Control Room: PC Laptop or Desktop Windows 10X64 with an integrated and enabled video camera, microphone, and loudspeakers.

Smartphones: Apple iPhone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max will work with both Selfie and Rear Cameras. Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max models work with both Selfie and Rear Cameras provided that you have updated to the latest version iOS 13.
Mid to high range Android smartphone. Most Android smartphones will work with one camera at a time. Google Pixel2 model supports the concurrent use of both Selfie and Rear cameras. The android smartphones must run Android 7.0 or higher version.

If you are interested in this assignment and have a good story idea, shoot me an email, and we'll take it from there.

All my best,