Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Stuxnet Computer Virus + NSO Controversy: Israeli Video Coverage

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Dear Friends,

On behalf of a US production company, we’re looking for footage specifically related to the Stuxnet computer virus and the NSO Group controversy? Ideally in English or with some kind of dubbed translation or transcript.

Stuxnet dates:
+ The discovery of the virus would have generated coverage between July and Sept. 2010.
+ The announcement by the US-based New York Times that the virus was a joint US-Israeli project was in summer 2012 (possible coverage from June to Aug. 2012).

NSO dates:
+ Coverage in late 2018 that NSO software may have been used by the Saudis to track slain dissident Jamal Khashoggi
+ Coverage of April 2019 decision by NSO to freeze future Saudi deals
+ The 2019/2020 WhatsApp/NSO controversy (NSO reportedly used WhatsApp vulnerabilities to take over phones)

Rights: Non-Exclusive, Worldwide, In Perpetuity. For use in a feature documentary.

Budget: TBD based upon footage quality.

Shoot us over a quick email and let us know what you have in general.

Thank you so much!