Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Don’t let your travels to the ends of the earth only generate digital dust: the world’s most recognized brands, NGOs, broadcasters, and publishers are looking for your what you have on your hard drives.

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Your Home for Stories.

All of us have incredible footage that we never sold, shots that never made the final edit, hours and hours of living history sitting on our shelves collecting digital dust, or just plain beautiful photo essays without a home.

Living History.

We love archival content, and so does that news producer looking for video from January 28, 2011, shot on the 6th of October Bridge in downtown Cairo. Or the feature editor who needs the drone footage from Kobane, Syria or the 4K shot of the sunset over the Brooks Mountain Range in Alaska.

A Place in Time.

Archival content is about places you can’t go back to in time. The places that you took a whole lot of effort to just get to, let alone hauling your camera gear. We hate for those moments to go to waste – the more beautiful, the more inaccessible, the better.

Archive for Everyone.

Brands, Ad Agencies, Production Houses, News Outlets all need that one shot, that one sequence, that one interview from way back when or from just last week.  HD, 4K, 5K, VR, 360…formats change almost every year or two and so do places.  So, we have to refresh stock and archival videography and photography every year.


Simon Letelier - Aleppo, Syria