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Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

We are all made of stories. Stories that we are living. Stories that we create. Stories that we share and that are shared with us. Transterra Media is the home for all of our stories.

Transterra Media.

We are an open content marketplace, community and global production studio for editorial and documentary visual storytelling. For brands, channels, and charities -- everyone who produces extraordinary, real-world stories has a home at Transterra Media. Publishers and brands can create and manage original story assignments, purchase and license video features, photo essays and rare footage or search our network of 4000+ filmmakers, video journalists, photographers, and production support teams.

Transterra Originals.

Transterra Originals is the premium, full-service production studio of Transterra Media. Born out of the world of frontline journalism and documentary filmmaking, Transterra Originals sources, produces and delivers original feature video and photo stories. From the perfect content marketing video series to assembling news production teams in Myanmar, let us know what you need to be done.

Berta Tilmantaite - Tibet

How it Works.

  • Create and manage assignments, archival requests or call for story ideas
  • Search and purchase archive content, video and photo features
  • Receive and commission story pitches
  • Find, message and assign any member of our community, from filmmakers to fixers

Signing up is free, and there are no subscription charges. Archival research and calls for story ideas is entirely free -- you only pay for what you use. We provide insurance for storytellers on assignment, and we handle all payments.

Tahrir Square, Cairo. January 2011.

Three days before the Egyptian revolution, we launched a bootstrapped, prototype platform from an apartment in Cairo. Since then we've been on the frontlines of today's stories. From Tahrir Square to the streets of Raqqa, Syria, we've journeyed beyond the headlines and into the heart of today’s most important stories.

Julieta Sans - Buenos Aires

Creative Director - Josh Veselka.

Mr. Josh Veselka is a documentary journalist, filmmaker, and development creative with more than 20 years of industry experience. Among other awards, Veselka is a two-time Emmy-winning, seven-time Emmy nominated television producer and director, who has made numerous documentaries, biographies, specials and segments across a broad spectrum of subjects with a focus on current affairs and human interest programming.

Co-Founder, CEO - Jonathan Giesen.

Mr. Jonathan Giesen, Co-Founder, and CEO is a media and social entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in the IT and media sector. Founding the educational broadcasting initiative Global Nomads Group at 25 in New York City, he led the company for nine years, conducting live broadcasts and documentary productions for the United Nations, CNN, ABC and PBS in 42 countries.

Berta Tilmantaite - Everest Base Camp
Felipe Passolas - Syrian Border: Suruluc, Turkey

CIO: Production Management Systems - Johnny McAllister.

Johnny McAllister is a multi-platform writer, producer, and editor. He has written films that have played at Sundance, Cannes, and South By Southwest. He has produced feature films, docs, web ads, EPKs and promos for such companies as Google, MTV and Allstate in places like Dublin, Egypt, Austin, and L.A. He is currently a professor of film and screenwriting at the University of Texas and Texas State University where he heads their film department. 

CXXXO - Maria Dayton.

Maria has over ten years’ experience in team management and project development in the Middle East and elsewhere with combined budgets of over forty million dollars. She specializes in integrative communication strategies and social enterprise. Her work incorporating the first network of Arab businesswomen associations (MENA BWN), amongst other efforts, earned the Arab American Institute’s 2011 Khalil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Award.

Felipe Passolas - Syrian Border: Suruluc, Turkey
Francesco Pistilli

Director of Production - Joe Lukawski.

Joe is an internationally experienced media researcher, video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Joe has freelance production experience with diverse outlets from France24 Arabic and AFP to the Tennis Channel. He was a 2011 Fulbright scholar to Morocco in filmmaking, where he produced a long format documentary called Hidden Waters, later featured in TEDxRabat and screened during various film festivals and NGO-led events in Europe and North Africa. 

Director of Brand Content - Chantal Sacre.

She has intensive years of combined experience in the guidance and implementation of strategic communication for various multinational brands around the world. Her expertise crosses borders and cultures, with extensive exposure in diverse markets: UK, Germany, Lebanon, Cyprus, Kuwait and the UAE, for example. She handled many local and regional accounts such as: Mercedes – Benz, Coca Cola, Amstel Beer, Heineken, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Union National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Kempinski Hotel Dubai.

Advisor - Peter Brack.

Peter Brack is a Founding Partner of Hypothesis Ventures. Prior to Hypothesis, Peter has been a Venture Partner at Mucker Capital and an initial investor and advisor at KohFounders. Before Mucker Capital and KohFounders, Peter was co-founder and CEO of two companies (Redgate Media Group and One Media Group), both of which went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Prior to co-founding Redgate Media, Peter was Senior Vice President, Time Inc., where he was responsible for the revenues and overall profitability of Time and Fortune’s Asia editions.